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Thread: Alot of Pro Points Allowance

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    Alot of Pro Points Allowance

    Hello, I've tried slimming world before which did work but I got very bored with the same foods after a while.
    I've now been Pro Points since yesterday and am enjoying it as I like fruit and veg and this is 0 points.

    Im slightly concerned about the amount of pro points allocated to me (59) as I seem to be able to eat alot.


    Breakfast - 2 weetabix, banana, apple, skimmed milk (cereal & 2 coffees)
    lunch - Snack a Jacks, pack mcvities sultana apple slices, muller light banana & a salad with beetroot, olives, onione, lettuce, vinegarette.
    Evening - Chicken breast (250g) with skin & wild mushroom rice pack.

    All this and then evening meal is quite big and i've still got 10 points left! also went to the gym today and did a 20 minute run so i've got 4 activity points too! .

    Should I be concerned or is this ok?

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    I'm not sure about the points but if this is what has been allocated I would run with it. You'll soon lose them as you lose weight. You need to eat all of them or your body wont notice the difference when you drop points.

    Have something naughty if you've still got 10 left. As for activity points, you dont have to use them if you dont want to. Its an option.

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    Probably is about right? I have 42 pro points a day, but I know 7 of those are because I'm still feeding baby. I'm struggling to eat all my points too as I've been living off fruit and veg, but I bet I'll look back on that one day when I have not many points and wish I had so many!

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    Looks about right to me too - I get 56 points and like you, can sometimes feel like a lot, but it's working for me so far, and I think it's better to lose weight and feel as though you're not on a diet.

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