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    Hi everyone
    I'm starting weight watchers next week after being a S******G W***D member for 5 years. I'd lost 7 1/2 stone up until June last year and since then I've gained a stone and a half. I just can't get it shifted. I now have 5 stone to lose to get to my goal weight so I've decided to quit and give weight watchers a go. From what I can see it's all about portion control. I have no full signal so I hope this plan will help me.
    So, does anyone have any tips for me?? I'm a bit nervous as I'm conditioned to the other weight loss club. Shopping is automatic. I know some stuff will be the same such as fruit and veg, which I love, but I'm wondering what bread and cereal I can have and meal ideas too.
    Any help or tips would be gratefully received.

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    Well done on losing so much weight so far, it's amazing. I used to do SW but I need the strictness of portion control and I've got a 14 week old baby so sometimes need a quick meal which makes WW ideal.

    Are you doing it at group or online? (Sorry if you said in your initial post, I haven't quoted you and forgot what you put) I do it online as I don't like my local groups and I live on the app. I also use the community section of the website a lot for recipes too. I've got a diary in the Silvers section where I post what I eat every day with photos (It's called Getting to goal with a baby in tow) if you want some ideas. Also, if you've got an Insta gram account search on there for Weight watchers, there are loads of us who post daily photos of our meals with recipes, I get so many ideas off there.

    With bread and cereal, if you're just tracking points then you can have anything as long as it's weighed. The first time I did WW I ate a lot of rubbish just because it was in points and I did lose, just not as much as I wanted. I have treats now but I try to make really filling meals so I don't snack much. I also try to use my weekly points where possible but use so many a day and try to choose 'good' things, like if I want a bit of olive oil in my cooking or salad dressing etc. I do have the odd blowout where I use them on a KFC or something though

    Good luck x

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    Hello Hun,

    Can't give you much advice as I too am new to weight watchers. Just wanted to say well done on such a fantastic weight loss with SW.
    Gud luck hope ur just as successful with WW. Xx

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