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Thread: Topamax and Atkins/Low Carb?

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    Topamax and Atkins/Low Carb?

    hello everyone.

    I've been prescribed Topamax by my G.P this week for a combination of migraine and sciatica, mostly sciatica. She started me off at 50mg twice a day, that was monday and yesterday I had to up the dose to 100mg twice a day. Hopefully i won't have to increase the dose any more.

    I've read that this drug doesn't go well with the LC way of eating, mainly I believe because it is known to decrease the appetite in some people. And this is happening to me. Yesterday I ate 2 french fries and one lemon slice and today I've had nothing at all and it's already after 4pm. I just am not hungry and have no desire to eat. Since I started this med I've been totally pain free for the first time in years and I feel great but I can't continue to not eat so I need to decide what to do do about food.

    I really hope someone here has been in this situation and can give me some feedback. And mods (and anyone else) I hope to get some honest opinions from you guys too.

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    I have friends on topamax for migraines - none of them are dieting but I'm not sure why low carb eating would be different to any other way of eating in terms of your not having an appetite? They had greatly reduced appetites at first and as I say, are not low carb.

    And French fries and lemon slices aren't low carb to begin with so I'm slightly confused?

    Might be an idea to settle in with the medication first? If your appetite is that low you may not need to keep to a diet - or you may find that as you get used to the meds your appetite increases again. This has happened in friends cases.

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