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Thread: Dizzie's CC diary.....this could get messy!!

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    Dizzie's CC diary.....this could get messy!!


    Well, I'm starting today - I sat down last night to do a shopping list and meal plan and have discovered a raft of WW meals in the freezer so I am going to use them up first - which will get me through to Friday, but I'll still jot them on my MFP diary and see whats what!!

    Typically I've woken up starving today - one of those could eat my own arm days, so it is going to be difficult to stay focussed! Plus I am off work all week so the temptation will be high!..... I am setting myself up for a fail here, but I am going to stick to it - I weighed in 3.5lbs heavier this morning than I did a few weeks ago, so that isn't good!!

    Going to aim for 2lbs per week til I've got a stone off and then settle for between 1 and 2 per week. I've got a long journey ahead as I need to lose around 4.5 stones. I'm still counting the 7lbs or whatever it is I lost since I started all these different eating plans way back in the New year!

    Oh well, deep breath and here we go!!


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    You can do it hun. I have got a fair few WW meals, I usually have them for dinner and bulk them out with some fresh veg.

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    Good luck

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