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Thread: Diet Chef - not quite sure how much I can eat!

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    Diet Chef - not quite sure how much I can eat!


    I'm going to be starting Diet Chef on Sunday. I've done it before but didn't stick to it. I'm ready to do it properly this time! BUT, it seems to have changed since I last did it. Before, you could only have two pieces of fruit and a portion of veg per day but now it is saying I'm allowed five portions of fruit and veg per day plus "extras". But it doesn't say how many "extras". Can anybody help? I'm doing Diet Chef because I need limits - I need to know how much I can have and only have that much!


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    Hi Vicki,
    I had the same question and found out that you can eat all the extras you wan until your daily allowed amount of calories. Fo example, I can have 1260 calories per day, my humber gives me 800 on average, so I add 3 bell peppers (60cal), a berries smoothie prepared by me (200cal) and one St Stefanus beer (190). My total amount is aprox. 1200. Obviously you have to count the exact calories you are eating, not averages or aproximations. I **** them every day with an iPhone app called fitness pall, there I search everything I want to eat and create a diary so the app tells me how many calories are left.
    A good idea is every day in the morning plan your diet chef meals, check how many will be left and decide what you are going to have to fill them up during the day. You will get used to the extras that are easy for you to get or prepare and probably have the same every day.
    I have lost 3.9kilos in 10 days so I am happy. My extras allow to eat everything!
    Good luck!

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