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Thread: Not hungry

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    Not hungry

    I'm on day 9 and not cheated at all. Is it normal to feel this UN hungry? I just had half a packet of soup and forgot to finish the cup! It's a weird feeling not wanting to eat. Has anyone developed and eating disorders after this diet? I'm meant to be going out for my mums birthday tomorrow lunch and the thought of putting food in my mouth scares me! I'm doing so well 10lb down..14 to go... I don't want to ruin it....

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    Well done so far!

    Once the initial few days, hunger tends to subside but you do need to make sure you have the full contents of all of your packs or you will not be getting the correct amount of nutrients.

    I've not heard of anyone developing an eating disorder post vlcd so fear not!

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    Hope you got on well at your Mum's birthday Sal. I'm on day seven and feeling the exact same. I wasn't 100% for the first three days as I felt like I was STARVING but stuck to it 100% for day 4 & 5 and could barely eat yesterday or the day before. My husband was worried about me and made me scrambled eggs and I could only manage a few bites before feel full and completely turned off food. I'm going to see how it goes from here and try to stick to the plan with a few low carb things here and there but honestly my desire to eat all around me has really gone.

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