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    Hi all...

    I've done some browsing on different forums, trying to find a place to settle down on. Kind of counterproductive as I promised myself to stay away from online forums and such for my own well being... But I think I need the support system that I can't seem to get at home.

    I've always, always, struggled with my weight from the day I could remember. I was 5ft and 180lbs when I was in my early tweens. I lost 40lbs during puberty and 60minutes a day of a stationary bike. My bum can't handle those 60 minutes anymore lol. I have gradually increased in weight over the last several years to where I sit now.

    Now I'm 230lbs and married. I gained 50lbs just in a year and a half of being married. I couldn't believe it. My husband likes to eat out and I don't like to say no. I love to cook, but sometimes it's just so much easier.

    So I'm hoping to lose 60lbs this round. My problem is finding something that I enjoy doing to lose the weight. I still have the stationary bike that I lost the weight in the first place, but I just don't have the attention span/patience for it. I've counted calories and I've counted carbs, the only thing that worked significantly was counting carbs. Now that I'm cooking for two... (as in husband) it's difficult to manage to carbs.

    That's why I'm here... I'm hoping to find guidance and seek a nutritionist in person to become better educated and get on my feet. I ride horses daily for 30/45 minutes, which helps, but certainly isn't enough.

    Excuse me for hauling on my horses mouth in this picture, it's only the decent "comparison" I can do on a horse. Logan was always a handful lol. This was at my lowest weight, probably five years ago, 140lbs. Sadly at the time that STILL wasn't enough.

    So again, HI! Thank you for reading and I look forward to hanging around here

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    I too am new to this forum, I also need to loose a lot of weight as my fiance and I like to eat out. I have tried many diets and I believe they all work but only if they fit into your current lifestyle and are therefore sustainable. I found as I like to eat out, my best option is to go low Mon-Fri on 12oo kcal then 1800-2000 at the weekend. This will make the diet more sustainable for me. I am using Slimfast Mon-Fri for breakfast and lunch, having 500 kcal evening meal and then 250 Kcal for snacks during the day. Going well so far....
    Good luck with your weightloss journey and I look forward to hearing of your success each week....

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    Hello there! Welcome! you won't regret about chosing this forum;-) I wish you good luck. I am sure you can find here lots of useful threads and lots of help! I have always dreamed to have my own horse! Horses are so beautiful! Envy you;-) Any ways if you decided to lose weight then keep going and never stop! I am sure you will achieve your goal!

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    eating out is a big killer for me too! - i love pub lunches with hubby and also takeaways in the evening while watching telly - i am still allowing myself those kind of treats once in a while so that i dont feel totally deprived!

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