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Thread: Hi new to this and need a little help!

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    Hi everyone

    I am 5ft 3 and weigh 10 stone 3lb. I really want to shift a stone and a half and have tried various diets, I am feeling really down at the moment. The only one that worked for me was the dukan diet and I lost around 10lb but found it hard to stick to because It was so strict.

    Anyway my plan is now low carb, I know what type of dinners I will have, mainly meats an veg or some salad, but can anybody recommend some nice low carb lunches? I work in an office so I won't be able to cook anything as such (we do have a microwave though!)

    Also are salad tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers good to eat as I love those!!

    Any help would be really appreciated xx
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    Diet: Primal eating
    Height: 1.66m
    Start Date: 11 July 2011
    Start Weight: 99.8kg
    Current Weight: 98.4kg
    Goal Weight: 69.9kg

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 36.2
    Current BMI: 35.7
    Goal BMI: 25.4

    Total Weight Loss: 1.4kg
    Weight to Lose: 28.5kg
    % Lost 1.41%
    Why don't you have a look at the primal blueprint.. Marks daily apple.

    Peppers, tomatoes salad stuff are great for you.

    You could make omelette wraps with tuna/ chicken etc..

    4 eggs
    2T arrowroot powder
    1T almond oil
    4T water

    Mix arrowroot and water till blended, mix in eggs and oil, cook in a med hot pan - rub pan with a little oil to start but shouldn't need any more should make 5 wraps / pancakes

    Add some vanilla flavour to it if you want pancakes rather than wraps

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    That's great thank you! There is just so much info out there at the moment, what you can eat and what you can't my mind spins haha! Xx

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