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Thread: Combatting PCOS and IBS

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    Combatting PCOS and IBS

    Hi all

    I got diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20 and most recently I have been diagnosed with IBS. After years of yo yo dieting and so much money wasted down the drain on gym memberships and weightloss plans, Ive decided to go down the "clean" living route, destressing my body route and accept that with PCOS in order to look and feel my best, for me personally a clean lifestyle is the best.

    For years Ive enjoyed a fun lifestyle full of nights out and lots of good food and alcohol, however Ive never had a good figure. Growing up I was always overweight and when I turned 17 my weight crept up to 18 stone and since then I have yo yoed back and forward between there and 13 stone. Today I am currently 16 stone 4 lbs.

    Now I know "life is for living" but honestly living in a lethargic overweight body is not that fun so Im ready for the new lifestyle and benefits that will come with it.

    To help me with my plan Im doing Frankette plan at Its a 14 week plan that basically is a Paleo diet and exercise programme where the photos speak volumes and that quite frankly incorporates everything I've been trying to achieve in a PCOS friendly diet. The plan consists of fruit, veg, meat, fish and avoids gluten and dairy (with the exception of KEFIR yoghurt). Its not like Atkins because you can have occasional grains, organic dark chocolate and fruit. No alcohol with the exception of the OCCASIONAL glass of red wine.

    Ive started and stopped the gym, each time more tired than the next despite having a relatively good fitness level. I took up running, the weight dropped- everywhere except my stomach. Then someone said to me "your body is stressed" do walking, yoga and resistance exercise but avoid heavy levels of cardio. On the frankette plan I will be working in and working out but cut the level of exercise Ive been attempting to do by half.

    Im going to keep a diary of how I am getting on here on minimins

    Please feel free to follow me and how I am doing. xxx

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    Hi Hun, I too have PCOS and IBS, I am 35 though and have suffered from both for 10 years+

    I just wanted to share my experience with you for what its worth. I have tried many diets over the years that are recommended for both and have had so many food tests to see what I am allergic to and what causes the IBS and while they all worked for a while, after i couple of weeks everythign returned to how it was.

    I joined slimming world on their extra easy plan about 5 months ago and the weight loss has been great (2 and a half stone) but to me the biggest benefit is that it has completely eased my IBS. Most days i was taking 8 tablets a day to get by now i take about 2 a week. The only thing i can put it down to is that this plan totally cuts out all fat and diary in my diet and it has really worked.

    I have jsut returned from holiday, i thought i would treat myself to a week off dieting and after 2 days of eating what i wanted i was straight back to how it was before!

    I know everyone is different but i hope this helps a bit


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