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Thread: When to come off birth control..?

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    When to come off birth control..?

    Hi all

    I was diagnosed with PCOS a good few years ago, I'd come off the pill to TTC & didn't have a period for months. My GP referred me to the fertility clinic, who ran lots of tests & that's what they came up with. Thankfully, I don't have any cysts, just an imbalance of my hormones. I believe I have high levels of testosterone Do not feel feminine with that!! Because of that, I don't ovulate. At the time, I was overweight, but not in the mindset to be able to lose the weight healthily (I was not long out of recovery for bulimia). So I went back on the pill, just so I would have regular periods.

    It's now a few years later & despite telling myself that I don't want children, I have this longing for one. I have full blown baby fever!! Lol.

    I want to come off the pill, not to TTC initially, I am still overweight - by a lot!! I would like to lose as much as I can before actually getting pregnant. But there's a curiosity inside me that wants to see at what point my periods return. The fertility Drs assured me that if I lost weight then my hormones would go back to normal & I would get my periods, plus ovulation back! But I feel he was blaming a lot on my weight, there was no guarantee.

    I've just finished one pill packet and am toying with the idea of stopping after I've had my withdrawal bleed. Do I need to see a Dr before stopping it? I've had the tests before to check that I am up to date with vaccinations etc when I TTC before, just in case I do get pregnant before I'm ready, however unlikely. I'm thinking of taking a normal multi-vit a day anyway.

    I'd love to hear views on this. I am currently following slimming world & have lost 12.5lbs so far. Hoping to get my stone award next week! I have a long way to go though, around 4st to lose still! I'd just love to see my periods go back to normal.

    I am worried that as soon as my hormones go back to pre-birth control, my testosterone will be high again & I will get all the problems associated with that

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    I can't believe this has had 200 views & no comments! Feeling a bit embarrassed for posting it now!

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    Don't feel embarrassed. I would imagine you've had 200 views because people have had a look to see if they can help but after reading have realised that they can't - nothing more than that.

    With regards to coming off the pill, I have no advice. I've come off and gone on mine before without any issues, but I was only on it for birth control reasons so I don't know how relevant that is.

    As far as SW goes I'm following it too and want to say a big well done for your losses so far you're doing superbly and hopefully as your doctor said, a healthy weight will end in a healthy cycle

    Good luck with it all and I'm sorry I can't be of any help

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