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Thread: Motivation required

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    I'm on day five of the FAB diet. Following it to the tee. With daily exercise as well. Have not cheated. On morning 5 and got on scales to find I've put on a pound. I am 52 and menopausal after a hysterectomy ten yrs ago. On hrt all that time so it's not THAT TIME. Nil else has changed. I have a summer bikini holiday in now 4 and a half weeks and hope to lose a stone...the book says all the trialists did. Sorry to moan....just really fed up today. Not gonna cave but just today I feel all fat and ugly and wobbly. Again sorry. My positive I can do this has gone. I was really excited and motivated. It all seems like hard work for nothing. Lxxxxxx

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    Hello Liz it is frustrating when you want to loose weight so much - best to keep on going I will keep it up if you do aswell let's team togeather and see what we can loose, I only started on Sunday I need some motivation awell ?? what do you say ?

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