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  1. SPE

    6 Stone to lose 😭😭😭

    Well keep me updated here then. How’s it going? Yesterday went to plan. I really want to get started with the shakes Monday now. Who has ever been excited to not eat? Haha
  2. nomoremuffintop

    Total Solution return of the muff

    Hi everyone. Thanks for the replies. I never think of anyone reading my dribble I just rant when I need to haha. Thank you for taking to to support me and I'm sorry I don't reply personally I'm a bit strange like that. I bet you thought I'd disappeared (I have done that sooo many times in the...
  3. Eclecticdonkey

    Goodbye baby weight.

    Forgot to include snaps in last post! Fiber ones on offer half price in Supervalu. Aldi had the beanies coffee.
  4. Eclecticdonkey

    Goodbye baby weight.

    Friday Breakfast Weetabix and milk 1 hexb and 1hexa Lunch Vegetable soup and slimbo ( second hexb) with three bacon medallions. 3/4 of a yellow melon snacking with the meals and picking at it all day Dinner Smoked Cod with boiled potatoes, marrowfat peas and loads of carrots. Lots of coffee...
  5. BrokenMirrors

    Syns for higher bmi

    I was given 20 my first time (as per the link above) but the second time I joined I was told 15 despite being over 16 stone. I think it depends on the consultant tbh.
  6. BrokenMirrors

    Here we go again

    Well done @Diane1966 and @Mini! Brilliant losses :) Glad you’re enjoying my recipes also. Keep posting your foods Diane! I love to have a look :) Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!
  7. G

    Goose will get to goal

    You're doing really well Goose :) Aww bless, how old are they? A little girl and a boy? Oh you should get one! They're wonderful company and I'm sure your little ones would love a cat. I know some people find it sad, but my cats are my babies haha. I have nieces and a nephew I borrow, spoil...
  8. goose

    Goose will get to goal

    I think you really do obsess so much about your weight when you weigh too often. I am super guilty for that but being busy with my two in the morning means i dont have the time and i think mentally that is so much better for me. Ive just been getting on with this diet. In 6 months time we will...
  9. Dolly Rocker

    Losses in 2018

    Never too late. Dxxx
  10. Frenchie on a mission

    1st time post - Hi - post Crimbo struggle!

    Hello!! We are on the same boat! Learn and move on..Don't beat yourself up please x I'm on a mission to lose 20kg by the end of the year. It feels like i've always been yo yoing for god how many years. But since reading a book about the law of attraction I know this time that Im going to lose...
  11. Darcy15

    Total Solution South Pacific

    Very true! 😊
  12. Darcy15

    Total Solution South Pacific

    Thank you 😊
  13. Ponytales

    January exercise challenge

    I tend to go out in all weathers unless it's icy, bug I go after work so don't have the same issues.
  14. Ponytales

    January exercise challenge

    After walking the dogs I'm up to 39/50
  15. G

    Total Solution Diary of total solution 100% (hopefully!)

    For the mint hot choc, I have just been mixing with cold water as normal and then pouring into a mug and microwaving until hot. I think I will give Spinoza's method a whirl with the vanilla ones and coffee.
  16. enlightenme2

    Total Solution South Pacific

    Don't forget those inches.. what you may not see in the scales may be seen with measurements! ;)
  17. enlightenme2

    Total Solution Am I really doing this?

    Hi Spinoza, I'm not sure we've met before, but welcome! :classic_smile: Congrats on your first week's loss - 8lbs is great. When's your weigh day? How much do you need to lose? I still have 40 to go give or take but I'll probably adjust as I get closer to goal. I'm finally in the overweight BMI...
  18. enlightenme2

    Total Solution Am I really doing this?

    Pretty good actually! especially for a weekend... it's a quiet one and I'm plugging away. Low carbing and it looks like I may have a loss to report on Monday - don't want to jinx it I'm sure you're doing as fabulously as ever :classic_tongue:
  19. C

    January exercise challenge

    Exercise Bike 22 km today in a single session. Current Distance 636.7 km this month out of 1118 km. Lazyish day. I do two sessions most days @ 35 minutes, 92-100 rpm, 36-40 kph & 120-130 bpm. Weight down to 231 lbs (16 st 7 lbs) from 266 lbs (19 st) next goal is 223 lb (15.99 st)
  20. kirsty_baird_26

    Losing the baby weight for my wedding

    Today iv had Omelette with mushrooms, peppers, onions and bacon with coffee half hex a and cheese other half hex a Lunch chicken on hex b toast and some tangerine Dinner - petes peanut curry loaded with vegetables half rice and half chips 4"syns Snack - crisps 8.5 syns and a double decker...