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Thread: No Counsellor?

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    No Counsellor?


    I have lost 3 stone on the Cambridge diet, going from 14 stone 3lbs to 11 stone 3lbs. Ideally I'd like to lose another stone and a half taking me to a healthy BMI (just!) of 9 stone 10lbs. (A healthy BMI at my short height is 9 stone 11 to 7 stone 11.)

    However, I'm also hoping to career change and therefore saving money is pretty imperative just at the moment. So I am considering Slim and Save.

    My main reservations are:

    1. I feel like I've come on my 'journey' with my counsellor (although I'm sure she'll understand!)

    2. I tried exante, and failed miserably because I just couldn't get my head around not being weighed every week. I abused the flexibility! If (and it's a big if) I was to do slim and save I would need to be extremely disciplined.

    3. I'm worried weight loss would be less effective. When I did exante I didn't lose very much: only a couple of pounds here and there. Weight loss is difficult for me - I tend to lose between 3-4lbs a week on Cambridge. I imagine that slim and save, being slightly higher in calories, would slow weight loss down for me especially as I (hopefully) get closer to my goal!

    but of course the pros are:

    1. Money - saving always a good thing!

    2. The flavours they do look yummy. At the moment I am living off malt toffee bars, choc orange shakes and porridge on Cambridge as I'm not that keen on the others!

    3. Perhaps taking responsibility for myself and weighing myself is good as I approach my goal?

    I am getting weighed later today. I definitely want to buy another weeks supply of Cambridge products but ideally would like to let my counsellor know what my plans after this are. Has anyone got any thoughts? X

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    I think there are many who have swapped from Cambridge or Lighter Life. I was doing Lighter LIfe and kind of switched because the forums here were much busier and the flavours were better. My LL counsellor became ill and subsequently died, unfortunately so it was taken out of my hands. We had such a good group going that we have kept it up ourselves and that does help but I think the support on here has been more helpful to me this time. There is nearly always a challenge going on to keep you accountable. For example which you will see is on the Cambridge part of the forum but there is a mixture of us doing different plans. I'd suggest giving it a go and keeping the door open with your Cambridge Counsellor in case it really doesn't suit you. Like you say whatever happens you will learn something about yourself and if that is that you need that weekly accountability for now then so be it - no one is judging you - you're just experimenting.

    You know where we are, whatever you decide.
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    Weight loss is just the same on S&S ss any other vlcd

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    I'm also coming from cambridge and wondered if there is much difference in weightloss? Good luck everyone

    total loss = 39 lbs

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