Dear anyone who can help

Me and my OH have been on WW for 6 months. We've fluctuated losses and gains but kept to it rigidly. We've even started to count fruit because our leader couldn't understand why we've not lost.

Anyway we are now desperate for help and advice. At first we thought it was due to following a vlcd for years. However others are saying that by now our bodies should be losing.

We've tried exercising, not exercising, low impact and high impact exercising. Nothing is working. We've bought fitbits and used my fitnesspal along side ww just to make sure.

We enjoy the structure of WW against SW. SW is good but it's just down to our preference

If there is anyone who can help us we would be entirely grateful. Our GP has only offered Xenical but we don't eat enough fat to take it ??? and we fear that it won't help anyway.

We are looking into low carb dieting but it is a very big step as I work at different locations and I am on the road a lot.

I've got to lose 4.5 stone and my OH has to lose 2.5 stone and we're both 6ft

Sorry for the long post but we are so unhappy

Thank you