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Thread: Choice at a restaurant - help what do I pick!

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    Choice at a restaurant - help what do I pick!

    I may potentially be going for lunch tomorrow for work at the regular place we go to, but I don't know what the best option to pick is to keep the syns, the options I would potentially have is;

    • Roast chicken breast with potatoes, buttered green and crisp bacon (guessing I could ask without bacon)
    • Seabass with bak choi and chorizo
    • Roasted pepper and tomato risotto with grilled haloumi

    I would really appreciate some feedback for the estimated amount of syns, I'm starting a fresh on the 1st June and really want to stick to it.


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    My initial thought is the roast chicken dish will have a LOT of butter over the potatoes and greens, which equals a LOT of syns. BUT if you don't eat any of the skin, and ask for it with no oil or butter added that would be really low syn option.

    With the seabass dish, the chorizo will add syns, it's 2 1/2 syns for 28g on EE. You will have more than that on your plate, so I'd estimate 5 syns for the chorizo, and an extra couple of syns for any oil/butter used in cooking and dressings...maybe 8-10 syns for this dish?

    The Halloumi is a really good option, probably the one I'd go for as it is grilled, and you can have halloumi as your healthy extra. Risotto rice is obviously free, as is pepper and if you use your HEX for the halloumi, just allow a couple of syns for any oil used for cooking.

    Hope this helps.

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