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¡¡ʎǝuɹnoɾ s,ǝpuolqǝǝzʇıp - same old, same old!


Call me Linzi...
Having been diagnosed with diabetes on New Years Eve... I thought this would be a good time to start posting again & stop lurking!

Haven't felt well pretty much all of this year & on the last day of the year I found out why!

So far its been a really positive thing (apart from when I'm having a down moment) its got me eating healthy low carb again to get my blood sugars in check & got me focused on me again, which although sounds very selfish of me I haven't done for a long time!

I'm going to use this as a log for my bloods, what foods affect me & my thoughts... so it'll be pretty boring!!

Thanks for stopping by. :wavey:
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Call me Linzi...
A summary for me of my first week:

Started with bloods of 18.5. Finished with bloods of 10.3 which was a great acheivement I feel. Although my fingers hurt after taking samples 10-12 times a day but at least its given me a good grounding for what works & doesn't work foodwise for me.

Low carbing it is again... I'm guessing this is why this WOE has always been good for me & made me feel far less sluggish & in general much better!! Its been amazing that the low GI carbs have such an affect on my sugars too... so decision made even slow releases don't seem to do me any favours! I'm not dropping carbs as low as I have before 20g etc on a level with Atkins but am looking to keep within the 25-40g per day range.

A yogurt for breakfast (activia natural 125g) is good & suprisingly is enough to keep me going & just 6.4 carbs to start the day! Have also fallen in love with twinings lemon & ginger tea... delish not sure on the carb content tho!

Lunch is meat & veg... made some lovely chicken tikka with cucumber & tomato & dinner is some slow cooker treat at the moment! Snacks are fruit of some variety... satsumas, melon or pink lady apples or a little extra of whatever lunch was.

Have been put on Metformin for my diabetes which is fantastic as it really helps those crab cravings!

Have seem to acquired a library of books which I am making my way thru... have decided to stop reading them at bedtime, was having rather restless nights sleeps with all the info flooding my mind!


Call me Linzi...
So yesterday was my first review with the clinic & a BIG gold star from the nurse bloods are down to under 10 fasting which although still not great is an improvement.... need to be about 5 fasting & 8 after meals but I'll get there!

Came away buzzing as she told me that I only need to test twice a day now, before & after a meal of my choosing & that she doesn't want to see me for a month! After having such a fab morning by the time the afternoon came I was a weeping mess, I guess I've been pretty positive & focused since diagnosis but there are alot of serious issues that are part & parcel of diabetes if not controlled properly.

So time to start over a new leaf... & make 2010 the year that my life begins again!


Call me Linzi...
Struggling today.... really fancy something sweet. Still got so much in the way of chocolates, biscuits & treats in the house after Christmas. Haven't given into temptation but its feeling hard today!!

I'm wondering if my curry that I had last night had too many carbs in it which is what has made me feel hungry & tempted today?? Still if I stay clear of carbs today I should be back in the zone tomorrow fingers crossed.

This weather won't be helping either its been a week since I've been out anywhere properly... the nurse on monday doesn't count!! Think I'm going stir crazy!!


Call me Linzi...
Well didn't do badly yesterday but didn't do great either..

I am having real trouble sleeping at the moment. I'm either awake til 1-2 am or up at 3-4 am... was on tablets for about 16 yrs which made me pretty much pass out at night time & made me very drowsy in the mornings... I'm guessing that my body has completely forgotten how to fall asleep by itself!! So I'd been awake from 0330 & that probably didn't help my cravings yesterday...

Yesterday I ate:
Breakfast: natural yogurt.
Lunch: Extra light philly, tomato, cucumber, 2 crackerbread.
Tea: Slice of pizza
Dinner: bowl of cereal.

As you can see the tail end of my day was carb loaded & I felt it, got a real banging headache & felt bloated but back on track & focused today!

Completely forgot about breakfast today & as the snow is disappearing me & AJ hit the shops in Tunbridge Wells... amazing how little snow alot of places have now & we've still got about 5-6 inches!! So I grabbed an atkins bar from Boots & some prawns... rather bizarre combination... I've also just realised I've missed my medication :doh: (God I'm doing so badly on that front keep forgetting it!)

The retail therapy today helped today... although I'm thinking that kids Gap has shrunk their clothes in the snow... had to get my 2 yr old daughter an age 5 coat. She's tall but not big by any stretch!!

Off to take meds now!! :bolt:


Gold Member
Hi Ditz,
Sorry I havent been on before. Wow, you are coping with a lot at the moment. How do you feel about your diagnosis? I would say its mixed with relief and fear. You seem to be getting it sorted though. Fair play to you.
Hugs to you xx.


Call me Linzi...
Hey Clarri

Thanks for stopping by... my first visitor!! Its been a bit lonely rambling on to myself!

Very mixed about diagnosis its good to know why I'm feeling so lousy & that I'm now getting help & support it'll all get easier.

Its just the bigger picture with all the complications that I could be at much higher risk from if I don't keep my bs under control.

I'm starting to feel better but not hugely just very sluggish, have completely lost all self confidence, can't even make a decsion about what I need to do around the house!!

I know that losing weight will also help with all of the above & I'm finding it much easier to control my foods now I'm on metformin just trying not to get too hung up on the how many lbs per week & more on the long term health benefits!

Sorry I've rambled now!! xx


Gold Member
Ramble away, its your diary chick. I suppose its a great reason to get your weight under control too. Are you still having counselling. This is a huge thing Linz, so maybe you need to chat it out, your feelings etc.
Hugs. xx


Call me Linzi...
Well I've kinda fallen apart at the seams today... had a morning full of tears, can't help myself... just feel really lost & that I'm never going to find my way again!

I just want to feel well again, I want to be able to function!!

My 2 yr old girl has been very sweet today as I've not been able to hide it from her... she's come up to me & wiped away my tears, given me plenty of kisses & cuddles (which just made me cry more!)

I feel like I'm really letting my kids down... I don't have the inclination to do anything... I want too do things with them but its like I've forgotten how too & I have no self confidence that what I do will be enough!!!!

Sorry I probably sound really pathetic but I just feel like I'm spiraling...

Hey ho!


Sorry to hear that DB and hopefully it will pass. The diagnosis is a big thing and takes time to come to terms with and life on top of that would stretch anyone.

Good luck



Call me Linzi...
Thanks CCPM. x

Well been a bit brighter... wondering if the fact I'm really trying to restrict my carbs to get my BG's down has something to do with feeling so low... Atkins style flu & feeling low probably isn't the best combination!!

Had carbs on Fri after my teary episode (not good I know but lifted me for a bit & my BG's spiked 5!!) but back on track again & low carbing!


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Could you not just have a good healthy low gi diet, rather than cutting out the carbs altogether. At this stage, with the diabetes, I would imagine that you need to find a WOE that will fit your life. Carbs are good, or should I say, the good ones, wholegrain rice, pasta, etc. Yes, cut out bread if you struggle with that, but you could have ryvita in its place. No carbs are not good for anyone who is prone to "down" times, which I think you are, and if you are upping and downing with them, they can intefere.
I hope you dont mind me speaking my mind. I cannot imagine what a diagnosis like that would be like, but now you have good reason to beat its ass. Im not extolling the virtues of Beck, but like a lot of us on here, you seem to be an emotional eater, so maybe doing the two together?

Sending you a huge hug.


Call me Linzi...
Thanks Clarri... I always appreciate your opinion misses!! The problem with low GI is that at the moment (& it may change) I get a spike in my bloods after having something that is 'good' for me. Pulses & grains are raising my bloods by 3-4 which isn't good.

I've been very intrigued by your diary & you always seem to do well with Beck.. I could well be tempted to check it out. xx

Thank you as always. xxx


Call me Linzi...
Well a good weekend!! Low carbed properly all weekend & back in ketosis this morning! Weight hasn't moved for the past 10 days but I have to remember at the moment thats not my main focus!!

Think I'm going to ask Hubby to hide the scales & just bring them out once a month as it gets a bit disheartening when you've massively reduced calories & carbs & nothings moving!! Still I have lost 12.6lbs since the New Year so thats not bad just need to remember the bigger picture!!

This week I need to focus on getting back into some form of exercise & not letting my guard down if I get low!. x


going to do it!!!!
Hi there ditz,
im glad your feeling better , you have had a huge shock to your system and it will take a while and trial and error to find out which foods suit you and dont affect your bm's and which ones do but you sound really positive and determind and im sure youll get there.

Its really hard to know what to eat and how they will affect your blood glucose, when i was preganant with the twins i developed gestional diabetes and had to inject insulin 3 times a day from about 25 weeks and do bms 4 times a day and try and stick to a suggested diet, it was so hard so i understand a little of what you must be going through .

Im wishing you all the luck in the world and sending you a big hug and will keep up to date with your journal.

lots of love Jo xx