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★★★★ The Water Babes Thread - Team 9 ★★★★


Back On CD.......
Jane -

There is 1 more space left but Bigfella said if I was setting up a team he wanted in, He may already be in a team but just waiting for him to get in touch..



Back On CD.......
Well hello me sexy little babes.

So looking forward to being back in a team again & hopefully beating the other teams, lol. :rolleyes:

So whats everyone's Weigh days so its easier for Jane to collect weigh in Results..

Shall we write a bit about ourselves too so we can get a bit closer to each other & be bessie CD mates?? ;)

My weigh ins will be Fridays! My first official one is on the 16th though, and technically I should weigh in on a Sunday which is the day I started lol..

So we'll say Fridays for me, I'll do a short week as my first week :)
Ok now about me.

I am Sarah, I'm 29 and have been married to James 30, since July 2002. We have 2 kiddies - Ellie 6 and Harrison 3 and we live in Suffolk. James is a Computer Programmer and I am a SAHM.

I did CD last March - July and lost 2 stone 1lbs, but faffed about for most of it.

I have now gained what I lost plus extra, and hated what I saw in the mirror every day. It got to the point where only 1 skirt fit me, and 4 jumpers. My underwear was far too tight. And in the back of my mind was the worry about being my sister's bridesmaid in October 2009. I do NOT want to be a fat, overweight bridesmaid and ruin her photos. I do NOT want to go for the dress fittings at the size I started.

And so here I am. I am on Day 4 of CD SS+ (4 packs + milk) and am storming along. I am so very determined, I must do this, properly this time. I do not wish to hit 30 (December) as a fat person. I mean to start my 30's as I mean to go on - slim and happy!

I am looking forward to getting to know you all, and am here for each of you if you need me! Feel free to add me to MSN (in my profile I think) or email/PM me. I am usually about, and I check my emails when I'm out too, on my iPhone.

We CAN do this. And we WILL beat the other teams :D

S xxx
Hi team!!

I generally see my CDC every two weeks so can either do losses with her weigh-ins or use my own scales (which I've used before starting) each Monday... think I'll go with that one!
A bit about me...

OK, my name's Trudy (love cows, hence the nickname!), I'm 35 and have been married to Robert for almost 15 years. We've three girls, Aimee (13), Alyx (10) and Abbie (6). Robert is self-employed and I work full time as a management consultant (sounds posh, just don't ask me what it is because I'm not quite sure yet lol!)

I originally did CD from July-Dec 2007 and lost 5st. I've put about 2 1/2 of that back on over the last year and my first mini-goal is to get back to my lowest weight (13st1) and then onwards and downwards!

Feel free to PM me and I'll get on here as often as possible!


Unzipping the fat suit
WOW, so much activity on this thread already!

Hi All, I'm Clarinda but always go by Crazyjane on the forum, I'm 37 and a CD Veteran! I started in Nov 07 and lost 6 stone ish including a stone I lost before starting CD and have managed to remain 4 stone down so not too bad really - but could be sooooo much better!

I've been a SAHM for 4 years to our 2 little boys, and our youngest starts pre school next Tuesday... someone have the kleenex handy! So I'm now also an Usborne Book Lady to fill my time and earn some cash and get some grown up company! I love it and, with that and CD losses this year is definately going to be my year! (we've just emerged from a couple of tough ones so its about time our luck changed!)

Oh and my goal is to do a sprint triathlon in June - so no excuses...



Back On CD.......
Just a quickie this morning as My head is still busting from yesterday after Keith kept me up all night snoring. :mad:

Wouldnt care he hadn't had a drink (which is normally when he snores) & I belted him a few times to shut the f*ck up & he is unaware of this when I mentioned it this morning, lol.

So hopefully it will have died off after work so I can get to catch up etc..

Here's to a Fantastic Team..


Lol @ belted him Kel - know that one sooooooo well!!

Have a good day all - day 4 for me so here's hoping I can get it over without picking. Headache still lurking grrr but keep holding on to the fact that it can't last forever!
Hello Team!!

My weigh in is every Monday! First one this Monday.. Hoping it'll be a good one!!

Right... Bit about me! My name is Charlotte and I love pink.. Hence the name! I'm 23 and married to Steve (Who started CDSS today!) We have 3 gorgeous girls... Mia (3) Lily (17months) and Ella (13weeks!!)

I am on day 3 of CDSS and have got about 6 stone ish to loose!

I am loving the team support and remember when's its really hard, come on here and support and motivate each other! We're guna look sooooo good!!

GO TEAM!! xx


Unzipping the fat suit
Morning all,

day 2 and all is well here, forgot to say I'll be weighing every monday morning as we always tend to be a bit erratic with our appointments due to dh work commitments so it'll be better if I'm consistent on my own scales.


off for some water now!

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