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☻♥♥☻ thursday let's do it hour by hour ☻♥♥☻

( i know its early in the morning, but i want to get up to read my post)

Well its thursday now, and i am restarting today 100%, thursday's are usually the day i start my diets and for some reason always works out well for me to do it this way!

I am doing this diet for me, because it makes me feel good, the only thing in my life right now that i CAN and WILL control, seeing the scales go down makes me feel so happy :D.

Am not up to much today cus i done my back in, but i am going to try sort out my house for packing, keep my mind busy, and i am making it my mission to find scrabble online.

Hope your all doing well

best of luck :D
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Good luck for your restart. I can't do hour by hour (not allowed to access at work :().

Discovered this morning I am in ketosis!!!! :D:D
Heavier now than when i was when i had 4 week break :(

I am so buddy annoyed! Sure it will drop of by next week!


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Morning everyone. Good luck for everyone starting/re-starting today and having a WI. I normally WI Thursdays but can't today so am tomorrow instead. Work today for me instead.


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Hi all
been up since death oclock .Son and girlfriend are at hospital since last night she is having pains (not labour thou) not heard from them yet so not slept well .They are prob still snoring there heads off lol while silly old mum worries for them .

Dd is going to stay with her friends gran for a few days so also worried about that never let her go away like this before.She is loving it just put money on her phone and given her and friend some spends for sweeties lol .Dont know if I have done right thing letting her go, but its only 30 mins up road so we can go get her if there are any probs .

Good luck with restart and WI s going to be a glorios day so get out there do some walking/shopping :D have a good one xx


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Good luck with your restart :)

Week 2 WI today. Only expecting 3lbs off. Totm and all that :( but a loss is a loss :)

One cappuccino shake and half a litre so far :)


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Morning Ladies,:)

The sun is shining and I feel awful today - I think I'm probably coming down with a cold (either that or there is thunder in the air!)

I'm just having my first shake and I've finished a litre already - so all good.:p

Hope you are all okay?

Good luck for any WI's today.

Becky & ScorpioDawny - how did you get on last night????


please try again
morning all

hope everyones having a good one

tis my weigh in today, wont be a good one as totm has decided to turn up even thou i only had one 2 weeks ago grrrrrrrr

waiting for an ebay purchase to turn up ( cant go out cos my neighbours refuse to accept parcels for me thou ive taken several of theres ) and then i need to go to meadowhall to get some stuff for this weekend ( not that its worth it, totm i always look like carp )

good luck to those on restarts, you can do it!
Hi Lenny i did eat yesterday but was good, so iv decided to have 3 packs and a meal, meat and veg a day, just to see if i can stick with it.
just got back from very long walk, left at 8 this morning, so i feel good now, plus i got a good tan.
Back at home for lunch, it is far too nice to be at work :cry: Just had a cappucino shake and a pint of water to add to the six 300 ml glasses I have had at work this morning.

People at work are wondering why I am no longer drinking tea (I have tea with milk but coffee black), I have just told them I have gone off tea........lol I was asked if I was pregnant :eek:

I am not ready to tell people at work quite yet.


please try again
well first shake down, just realised ive not made a start on the water yet thou, whoops


is gonna shine in 2009
Afternoon all x i'm slacking on the water today as been at the hospital all morning with my mum, but have a ltr down me and had my soup. Feeling better today so thats good.

Just waiting now for the occupational therapist to come and see Talia ( my little girl ) cos she has worked out how to get out of the booster seat i have for the table, little monkey!


please try again
hope the ot visit goes well kirsty ( i find ot's next to useless! )


is gonna shine in 2009
Thanks claire, well OT has been and she is going to order me a tripp trapp chair. Almost 2ltrs down and i'm hungry today
am hungry too, usually have my packs 11-12pm, 5-6 pm and 8-9 pm but i have already had 2 :(

drank 3 litres already too..

got no bouillion :(

we be ok :)



please try again
well still only had 1 shake and 1 litre of water.
have sat in all day for this f***ing parcel to be delivered between 8am and 5pm and nothing! wasted a whole flippin day
soooo needed to get stuff for this weekend now ill spend tomorrow rushing to buy stuff then rushing home to preen then out again for my sister to shop then home for a bath and to get ready then dash to the train station so he doesnt think ive abandoned him!
mental? ..... me? lol

my cdc should be here in 30 minutes too so have had a quick tidy so she can at least get the scales on the floor


please try again
well cdc has been and ive lost 3lb
quite pleased with this as i had gained when the constipation (tmi sorry ) got bad and i had to really dose with the husks ( still feel bloted ) and its totm yet again so stomachs swollen

it brings my total to 18lb in 3 weeks
Well done Claire :)
Really busy day. Have only managed 1 shake and a litre and a half of water so far.
Just about to make my soup and get glugging :)
On a positive note- had my week 2 Wi and I lost anotehr 5lbs :)

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