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♥♥♥ Loulabella's Weight Loss Journey ♥♥♥ Thesis is DONE!!!! Go me!!!!


Gonna be skinny!
Well, Hello People. :party0011:
Have been on this forum for about a week now and have been fiddling about with points but went to my first meeting tonight so I am on the wagon properly.

Going to use this thread to talk about....er....me.....lol. :D

Have been allocated 19 points per day (as I thought) but going to do kick start for 2 weeks on 18 (can that point really make much difference?).

My ULTIMATE goal would be to lose 3 stone - but I am a mum so 2 stone would have me well into a healthy BMI at 9.12 (weighed as 11.12:cry: - although my scales tell me I am 11.8 :rolleyes:), I am 5'4 so 8.12 would be perfect - however bf dont want me that small - he likes the booty!!!!! :massmoon: hmmmmm?

Ok, a bit about me. My name is Louise, I'm 25, I'm an M.Sc student, an A level teacher, single parent (although currently have a lovely bf)with a 3 year old son, a cleaner, a cook, a taxi driver - oh actually that all comes under mum doesn't it? You get the picture..... Us women have it hard!!!! lol.

I am loving the support people are giving each other on this site and look forward to seeing as many of you along your journeys as I can and hope that when things look poo, you can all help me back onto the right road......

x x x
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welcome and good luck x


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A proper hello now as you have your own brand new shiney diary.
I love this site and even when i am messing around on WW i still love coming on here as seeing other peoples losses spurs me on to do better lol. Plus i have to beat Marie now ;)
Hi Lou

Good luck on your kickstart week. That point can make a difference. Being a mum is bloomin hard work. Men don't know how good they've got it sometimes!

Look forward to catching up with your diary.



Me on the right! x
Hi!! x
Oooh you were 1lb heavier than my starting..... you are 4inches taller than me though! My goal is 9.7 but I would LOVE to get to 9st so I have half a stone to play with.

Will be great to share our journey seeing as we're soooo similar.. even if you are 6 months younger than me!! :)

Good luck hun. x


Gonna be skinny!
Thank you for your kind words everybody - am really looking forward to being skinny again! I've lost 3lbs overnight - tis so funny. lol.

Grrrr - cant beleive I am a lb heavier than you LoveIt - we're on!!! He he he.

I bought the calculator last night, quite good as it tracks daily points and looks quite cute so will have it in my bad with me when I go out so can track throughout the day quickly. Nice to be able to work out the points of that bar of choccy before I eat it not after.

What was interesting was measuring my milk this morning. My estimates have always been way over! Never thought I managed half a pint in my coffee in the day - oh yes I do!!! :( ooooops! Haha.

Looked at the kickstart book - but to make the lunches cant really use what I have in the fridge. It wants all fancy stuff which I never buy as 'standard', iykwim?

SO - breakfast today was Sainsburys Bran Flakes (although they are not really flakes, they are little sticks) and in eating them discovered my little boy likes them?? Weird - as they not exactly lovely are they? Its good as after having my son have his tonsils and adenoids out at just 2, I have always had a fussy eater on my hands..... He hardly ate the year before his op and ever since (dec) although he has got better, we know he has a fear of swallowing due to having very severe inflammed tonsils for so long. Was so bad sometimes breathing was hard for him..... BUT - have foubd something else to add to the list of foods he will eat - splendid. :)


Me on the right! x
Ah your poor little munchkin... all that before the age of 3?!
Glad the food list is getting bigger! he'll be the healthiest kid on the block eating Bran Flakes! Lol! xx
I'm thinking about getting the calculator tonight too... def going to buy the shopping points book though.

Sounds like we've got a little challenge going on Lou - I'll race you to 9st7lb!!!!! Hehe. xx
Good luck with official week 1 hun! xx


Gonna be skinny!
Ok - ur on! Will have to start moving a bit more to keep up with your fitness schedule!!!

Let me know what the shopping book is like, be good to have something with me in the shops! They have a few cooking books dont they - can anybody reccomend a good one?

Yes, Tyler has been a poorly boy for some time....we're getting ther tho. Yep - he was very young to have the op - and it was not nice......for me! lol. x


Gonna be skinny!
Wannabe - being nosey is the way forward!


Me on the right! x
Now come on girls - we're not nosey... we're just interested in fellow losers! Ha - who am I kidding... I'm the biggest curtain twitcher ever!!

I threw out my old shopping book when I moved into my new house... new I should have kept it! It is 10 years out of date though so prob time to invest in a new one. My old one was fab as it had all brands of all the food you can think of!

I still have my 2 cooking books though - one was Tasty meals in 30 minutes and can't remember the other one but got some nice recipes. Think Mum always used to do a pork one - pork steak in a wholegrain mustard and creme fraiche sauce - I remember that being gorg!!

I'll let you know about the shopping guide.... I just hope they still do it! :)


Gonna be skinny!
Yep - they do, I saw it last night, and the eating out guide, be useful for Maccy D's, KFC, Burger King, DOMINO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Pizza Hut etc - hahahahahaha. Might pick them up next week, let me know how much they are as I did not look. My calc was £6.95 for the new 2008 one but some people on here have said it's £9.95 - so do different WW leaders charge different??? NAUGHTY! x


Me on the right! x
Hmmm very naughty!!
Don't buy the Eating Out Guide.. look at the Sticky thread - online eating guide it covers EVERYTHING!! Save your pennies for your treats when you lose your first stone! ;-) x
Dont get me started on Domino's *confession begins* me and my boyf will order 1 large pizza, chicken dippers, garlic pizza bread.... and finish off the lot!! I'm not even going to try working out them points!! And that was a normal Sunday for me!? Eeekkkk!! xx


Gonna be skinny!
I hope that is 'each' of you and you dont share. If ur gonna have a Domino's - eat it all - lol lol lol. No really dont, that would kill your points. I really was such a bad eater before....lol. x


Me on the right! x
Me too... as you can tell!! Lol!
After my '41 points Friday' I'm never eating pizza again!! (Well, maybe pizza express... thin based right?!) :)


Gonna be skinny!
Ace - ur my kinda girl! :)
hey girls can I join in?

I've all together lost 8 stone, 5 1/2 on w.w and then (with messing about too) 2 1/2 stone.

I'm currently around 11.5ish so we're all a similar weight, although I'm 5.7 so a little taller!

I'd love to get down to 9.8, I'm having a tummy tuck done in the next few months so I really want to get as healthy as possible so I can heal properly :) I definitley think w.w is the best way as I know the plan inside out and c.d ended up sending me a bit nuts which w.w never did!!

I'm not going to a meeting until next thursday but I'm going to try and watch what I'm eating from now until then!

Race you both to 9 1/2 stone!!


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