🎄34 Days Till Christmas Eve 2023🎄

Ooohhhhhhhh tried on clothes while waiting for my phone screen to be fixed. It was actually fun for the first time in years!!!! I bought a few tops I can cross over for work and casual. I also bought a going out top which I haven’t done in years!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a few concerts coming up so thought why not. I tried on loads as I had a couple of hours to kill and was trying on Mediums instead of Extra Larges. Yay!!!!! 14’s (and loose) instead of 16/18 & 20’s).
Hey 🌟

I'm doing a mix of slimming world and calorie counting..

I've lost 3 stone 2lbs so far (pesky 1.5lbs gain this week and idk why) since the 16th August 2023 so I'm on week 5/6.

I want to lose 3.5lbs a week (stone a month) for Christmas.
How is everyone getting on with their goals?

I’m still on diet but haven’t weighed. So busy I don’t have time for anything at the moment other than work and kids.
Wow 52 days now till Christmas Eve. Where is the time going. I hope everyone is doing well.
I need to get strict with myself again. Going round in circles since introducing food back in with the packs I have. A good day yesterday on track so hopefully I can stay on plan.
7 weeks till Christmas Eve. Wowzers. I thought I’d be at my goal by now and I’m not even weighing myself at the moment. Been on track 4 days. I think my head is back in it for eating just my Cambridge plan food because the minute I eat regular food it throws me. I don’t need to deal with that when I still have a couple of stone to lose. Still feel ok as I’ve lost that first 2.5 stone. It’s hard to keep up that initial drive. I’ll keep on plan and then perhaps weigh Saturday next week giving myself 10 days to see where I’m at by then.

I have a very successful work life and kids. Sadly my personal life is extremely stressful and I live with a stress inside me every day which I mostly hide. The one thing I can control and want to do for me is shift this weight before my life is turned upside down thanks to my selfish oh.

I hope everyone is doing well with their goals. I’d be so happy if I can lose the next 2 stone. It’s so-able if I stay on the plan. It’s so expensive so it’s very silly of me to take days off it and it ruins the results. Hey we have to live!