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0% Fat free Yogurt - Attack Phase

Hey all,

Just wondering how literally everyone has taken eat as much fat free yougurt as you like??

I'm very aware that is still has carbs in? Which makes me think this should be limited?

Esp as the Oat bran & Skimmed milk also has carbs in?

I'm a little concerned about getting into Ketosis whilst eating all these carbs?!

Thoughts anyone?!

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** Chief WITCH **
hi Sealy,

Dairy, so long as it's fat free in attack, is unlimited. Once in Cruise, dairy is limited to 1L a day, of which only 250ml can be milk... loadsa.

The ketosis level reached in Dukan is very light. As you say, the oatbran already has carbs and here in France we use wheatbran too (in the English version of the diet he says to use it in Cruise IF you get constipated - an unfortunate side effect of the diet sometimes!)

In fact, I don't think the "ketosis" word is ever used in the diet by the doctor (is it?)
Hiya joanne!

I feel like i need to start paying you for your services & advise!! ;oP

Thanks again for getting back to me! He mentions Ketones in the book and that you have a much decreased appetite - but maybe not specifically Ketosis- but i haven't read it thoroughly yet - as was too hungover yesterday!!

Plan to have a much better read this evening....but i was just concerned that i'd eat too many carbs and not benefit from the appetite decrease!!

Thanks again!!! you really are a star!



** Chief WITCH **
You're very welcome!

We bandy the word "ketosis" around here but, on the French forum I use, no one mentions it and in fact if ever I say "cétose" to them, they don't know what I'm talking about! Low carb dieting is more wellknown in the UK because of Atkins, which does have you count carbs etc etc, but Dukan has you count nothing. OK it's more restrictive but, so long as it's on the OK list, it's ok!

Vicky, as an Atkins dieter, did use the sticks when doing Dukan and did get into ketosis so I'm presuming the euphoria I feel when doing Dukan properly (which I'm not at the moment by the way) is ketosis...

The fibre count in the bran essentially cancels out the carb count.
There are also articles suggesting yogurt contains less carbs due to.... I dont remember the science lol.

Anyway the dairy is great for an escape from meat/fish so enjoy it. Having known a few women who developed osteoperosis I'm glad it there.

Most of us experience a massive drop in appetite on this diet quite quickly a sure sign ketosis is helping us out.
Hi Jagys

You've just reminded me that I've also read an article about the carbs in yogurt not being as high as displayed on the packet - can't remember the science either - but thats made me feel better!! and i'm loving having it!!

Day 2 is going well...had steamed salmon, prawns, fat free you and dill for lunch! it was yummy!!

Thanks for your reply



Goat herder(ess)
Sounds like you're doing really well so far, sealy. It can be hard to come up with appetising menus sometimes - for me, anyway!

I had a particularly lovely breakfast this morning - yoghurt and an oat/wheat bran vanilla muffin. Delicious! I'm about to have some turkey rashers with chive and onion cottage cheese, followed by another of my muffin rations. I just wish I liked seafood as that would make it much easier to inject a little variety.

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