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1/3 of your meal

Hi all,

Ive only started this week, so got a question if you dont mind? :D

Im doing EE and for example I had chillie and rice for dinner last night ( lean mince, chillies, onions, tomatos, kidney beans and rice ) but thats not 1/3 superfree is it? So what would you put with that to make up the 1/3? I did eat fruit after it, will that help? Same with Spag bol, how to get to the 1/3 superfree? Am I being stupid?! :rolleyes:
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Got to do it this time
Hi Lynsey,

No you are not - I ask my consultant exactly the same question and she said have a fruit pudding......

Bascially all SW encourages it that you fill up on superfree first then free and the syns in that order. So if you have 1/3 superfree you are going to fill up on fruit/veg rather than potatoes and pasta.

When it comes to spaghetti you could put lots of veggis in there to help with superfree but fruit salad after is fine.... Don't get too caught up in it though otherwise you'll be so worried your meal isn't superfree enough - not eat and then end up binging! I speak from experience
Thanks Sally. Im such a worrier anyway, so as this is my first week and I dont know if it actually works, im stressing over if im doing it exactly right! To be honest it seems too good to be true. Ive not been hungry once yet. How is it possible to lose weight while eating so much?! Well lets see if ive actually lost weight next Wednesday.


Got to do it this time
I don't know the science of it but believe me it does - just try to have more fruit and veg than you do rice/pasta/potatos etc. I suppose you will find what works for you but it is definately a lifestyle change not just a quick fix!

I lost 3 stone on it about 2 years ago and put it all back on! Been trying to get my head in gear since Jan and joined then but have really been putting on and then loosing and putting on again all year so far! I joined here on Tuesday morning (weighed in Mon) and have been super good all week!

Good luck with the plan Lynsey and you'll be amazed and how good it is! Can't wait to hear how you've done!
I eat a salad before each meal. Nothing fancy - some lettuce, a few nice tomatoes, cucumber, sliced peppers. I eat this while I am preparing the meal, or waiting for it to cook.

Most times I have vegetables as well, with the meal, but if I have had the salad I don't have to worry too much about this.

Mrs V

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I tend to either have a fruit salad during the day (cant eat it after the main meal due to gastric band), or I have a side salad with the meal.
It hasnt stopped me from loosing weight whenever I do the EE plan.
Mrs V and Avisk, thats a great idea! Thats what Ill do when im having a chillie or spag bol. I know those meals have some veg in but not 1/3, so if I have a small salad before and my fruit after, im covered! Great! Just hope i can eat all that! Im so stuffed on this plan! Never thought I would say that! x
Hi Hun

You could eat fruit before or after, salad with the meal. But i also, always add mushrooms, peppers, babycorn, courgette, fresh tomatoes, carrots, celery etc into my spag bol and chilli. I put lots of veg in, and thats my 1/3 superfree sometimes. xx


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how come i dont get it, its sooo confusing , im trying my hardest, im on EE and i think ive had too b options, what do i do


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Bulk everything out with vegetables - chilli can be bulked out by adding carrots, mushrooms, red and green peppers. It makes the meal spread SO much (I often add beans and completely leave out the mince) further that if you had the same amount there would be more free food, and therefore you rely less on meat and carbs, which of course have a place in the meal but shouldn't be the main focus.

how come i dont get it, its sooo confusing , im trying my hardest, im on EE and i think ive had too b options, what do i do
What have you had?

If you've had two B options, you'll have to syn one of them at 6 syns.
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Got to do it this time
Debtmummy just count it as syns - basically I remember by just grouping foods so GENERALLY any dairy (Milk,Cheese etc.) is an A choice and anything with Fibre (cereal, bread, crackers) is a B choice - I know that doesn't really help but I guess thats how I remember

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