Extra Easy 1/3 superfree foods?


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Hi :)
I'm a bit confused about the third of superfree foods, I don't know if I'm missing something completely obvious. In my book it says free food meals don't need to include 1/3 superfree foods. Is a free food meal a meal that doesn't contain syns? I have a slimming world recipe book and some of the meals are free but don't include any superfree foods. So would they need to include 1/3 superfree?
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One third superfree is recommended but not mandatory. it is up to you whether you include it or not but theorietically it should help improve losses xx


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It is recommended. My leader says as long as your overall daily food intake is 1/3 superfree then that's fine =) x


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Thanks! I wondered that too! That is a good tip about 1/3 super free being spread across the whole day! :D


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Our C says as long as getting ur 5 a day. I struggled with fitting in 1/3 wi every meal & I am not a gr8 fruit lover but I manage ok now.

Good luck :)

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