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1/3 superfree

In the middle of tucking into my spag bol I realised I had forgotten to make myself a side salad to go with it. Then I got to thinking do I "technically" need it?

I made my spag sauce with extra lean mince, tomato passata, onion, garlic, carrots and swede (along with bovril, beef stock, little bit of tom puree and herbs). So would all of this constitue 1/3 super free or would it be best to have a salad too? I don't have a particularly large portion of pasta...

Thanks in advance :)
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Strutting her stuff
The onion, passata, carrot and swede will all count towards your superfree so don't stress out over having a salad. If you are still hungry perhaps have some fruit but otherwise just enjoy your spag bol
Thank you, I did enjoy it! Was very yummy and rounded it off with a satsuma :)
i tend to hide my sf in my sauces and it makes for a very filling sauce and its also economical as i use less meat too - 1 chicken breast between 2 people and lots of veg in a pasta sauce :)
I don't have a side salad if i have spag bol or chilli as i pack both full of SF anyway and as Circles says, just have a bit of fruit if you feel a bit hungry after x

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