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  1. MmmmmWater

    MmmmmWater Full Member

    Why have I only just discovered this site?! Hello everyone!

    Today I had my first weigh in and lost 9lbs! In a week! Sooo chuffed :)

    I'm in love with banana tetras and basically have been drinking water all morning and holding off my first shake until noon. Then I keep on guzzling and have another at about 4.

    Then I go home and have dinner. Today I had half a chicken breast (feels like so much more when you have it as a whole chunk rather than pieces) sprinkled with a little cambridge veg soup powder for saltiness! And also sprinkled with chives, black pepper, cumin and chilli. Put it in a foil parcel in the oven for 30min and it came out really juicy :) had that with asparagus. Was actually really nice.

    Another thing that's been working for me is putting my tetras in a blender and drinking out of a glass. I know that kinda defeats the point of 'goodness on the go' but it's so much tastier and a lovely texture that way. Plus I feel like I'm getting more when it's in a glass it looks so much more than that tiny carton!

    Hope you are all getting on well, I will report back with my creativities over the weeks.

    Anyone wanna buddy up?
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  3. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    LOL, love your user name. How very apt! :D

    Well done on the 9lbs off! :clap:

    And I'm glad I'm not the only person who puts their tetras in a glass. I've taken to putting it in a wine glass, LOL - so refined. ;) I have wondered about spinning in a little extra water and some ice cubes, I'm just too lazy to bother. Sounds good though!
  4. MmmmmWater

    MmmmmWater Full Member

    Thank you! Definitely motivating to carry on.

    Oh I realised I made a mistake in this thread title by the way, turns out I have 6 stone to lose...

    Wine glass, that's funny! Yeh whizzing them up with ice cubes is great.

    How have you been getting on with your plan so far?
  5. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    Well, I'm an old hand at this malarky. That's not a good thing - I like to think of myself as a cautionary tale. :D I lost 5 and half stones on Cambridge back in 2007/08 but over the last few years the pounds have gradually crept back on, despite many doomed restarts. However, so far this restart is different. I've been doing everything by the book, pretending it's just like the first time, and it seems to be doing the job. I'm refusing to weigh myself on a daily basis (just like the first time ;)) so all I know is that up until last Saturday I'd lost 13lbs (and that was in 10 days). I'm on day 14 today and looking forward to being able to tuck into my first Cambridge bar tomorrow!
  6. MmmmmWater

    MmmmmWater Full Member

    Ahh I see, you mean business this time! That's great you did so well so you know you can definitely do it again.

    Last time I lost about 2 stone in around 6 weeks but went on holiday and kept meaning to restart, just never happened. Now I'm nearly 2 stone above my original starting weight first time round! Shame!

    I really hope I can do it this time, all the way. I feel ready to hit the gym again now too. Think ill give it one more week though on my cdc's advice.
  7. Lealou1

    Lealou1 Full Member

    I always blend my shakes with ice! So nice and filling!
    I also have 5stone to lose :)
    I'm on ss not ss+
  8. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Silver Member

    Welcome and good luck :)
  9. TheGirl

    TheGirl Full Member

    ive just found it today too and im also on week 2! well done you and thanks for sharing the tip im going to try it later... :girlpower:x
  10. MmmmmWater

    MmmmmWater Full Member

    Guys, I'm failing! I just keep falling at every hurdle. Don't think I'm in the right state of mine for this just can't seem to stop myself cheating this week. I didn't do this before what's up!? Think I'm out of ketosis and feel total poo :-(
  11. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Have changed the thread title for you :)
  12. MmmmmWater

    MmmmmWater Full Member

    Thank you!
  13. MmmmmWater

    MmmmmWater Full Member

    Well I'm back after a week off the bandwagon. And today has been good. But maybe that's coz I got proposed to over the weekend and as a result have a low appetite and a desire to be a beautiful slim blushing bride! Haha!

    Water hasn't gone great. I did the minimum 2.25l but should be aiming for 3L because I'm on 3 tetras.

    Anyway I'm glad that stepping on the scales today after a week off; I haven't gained a single one of the 9lbs I lost last week, so that's good! Back to it!

    2 medium boiled eggs and some mushrooms for dinner. Put my 80g mushrooms in a bowl with a tiny bit of water, black pepper and some chives. In the microwave ofcasssionally stirring til cooked - yummy!

    A bit of mustard powder and black pepper is really nice on eggs by the way, almost made me forget about my beloved salt!

    Love to hear how everyone else is getting along xxx
  14. Lealou1

    Lealou1 Full Member

    Hey hunni how u getting on now after your blip?!
    I'm in the 13st region this mornin! Yay!
    I know shouldn't weigh myself in between but I do!
  15. MmmmmWater

    MmmmmWater Full Member

    That's amazing, well done!! Can't wait to be with you in the 13s - although by the time I'm there you'll hopefully be in the 11s ;)

    It's going good now thanks! Think maybe I wasn't ready first time round but now I so am. Also it is quite hard doing it in secret!

    I'm on day 4 again now so hoping ketosis kicks in soon as I'm really hungry! I've been having cheeky looks at the scales too, which I know is bad, especially in the mornings when I'm deceptively light! But now I'm into the 15s by the looks of things!

    My boyfriend told me this week, twice, that I should start going gym. It's given me a bit of a knock cos I had already secretly taken this step to lose the weight and I was thinking damn couldn't you just have kept your mouth shut for one more month and seen the difference for yourself! Now it's gonna look like I'm doing as I'm told when he sees the weight fall off and think I'm doing it for him!

    Anyway I've just had an infuriating email at work need to go give someone an earful!!

    Go drink some water now please!

  16. Lealou1

    Lealou1 Full Member

    Well yesterday I only had two meals and 2ltrs of water,
    This is because I slept most of the day again! :-(
    But today two meals down and 3liters of water! Yay!
    You think you can make up the water deficit from from the previous day?!

    Glad your on the wagon again!
    Yeah I know what ya mean about ya fella telling you to go the gym! He not noticed eating habits tho?!

    Stay strong hunni xx
  17. MmmmmWater

    MmmmmWater Full Member

    Ahh why's that you not got any energy?

    Well I doubt our body knows whether it's before or after midnight, so I imagine that it should balance out! But better to have the water intake spread out evenly really.

    No well I hadn't seen much of him in week one, then I spent a lot of time with him last week when I was off the diet. And as it's time of month this week I've just been saying I'm feeling sick to avoid eating! Gonna have to get creative with my excuses! My wisdom tooths been playin me up lately though so I am gonna milk that excuse too!! Haha x
  18. Lealou1

    Lealou1 Full Member

    Well my fella lives with me, but I'm lucky as he's supportive!
    When we go out he doesn't eat infront of me and tells me how great I'm doing! I do think I'm blessed :)

    Did you give that person an ear bashing!
    Just remember your losing the weight for you! And it will b worth it in the end! Milk every excuse you can lol
  19. MmmmmWater

    MmmmmWater Full Member

    Yes that's right it is for me. He's never shown any signs of not loving everythin about me. So I was 100% doing it for me. Was a bit of a surprise when he made that comment and was soooo annoying that it came just after I'd already started doing something about it! I know he'd support me but I just prefer not having the pressure.

    Yes they got it in the ear definitely haha!

    You sure are lucky :)

    I've done my 3 litres today already, so anything else now is a bonus! I'm not feeling hungry so maybe I am in ketosis finally yay x
  20. MmmmmWater

    MmmmmWater Full Member

    Day 5 restarting and I just remembered I have a George Foreman grill! Can't believe I hadn't thought to use it for my chicken breast. Yay no more rubbery dry chicken for my only real food of the day!
  21. Lealou1

    Lealou1 Full Member

    So u stocking to it and doing ok still?!
    I cooked sweet n sour chicken for tea for my son and partner and didn't pick! Woop whoop for me :)

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