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10 lb to lose


I've been on Weight Watchers for the last four years and have finally had enough of feeling hungry all the time. I've been yo-yo'ing for the last couple of years trying to get to my goal of 9st 6lb which according to the BMI chart should be completely achievable.

I started out at 13st 7lb and lost most of my weight on WW At Home. My membership then came to an end and I went it alone for a couple of months before joining WW Online but I wasn't very successful. This year I decided to try Meetings but have only managed to lose 5lb in my 4 months trying it. The lowest I managed to get in my entire WW history was 9st 10lb and then I went on holiday and went back up to 10st 2.5lb, which is where I am now.

Last week rather than going to my Weight Watchers meeting, I took a detour and went to a Slimming World meeting instead. I came out a member and feeling quite motivated to finally lose this frustrating last 10 lb.

I guess my main question is are there any of you on Slimming World who only have a little bit to lose and has it worked for you? I'm struggling with how I can eat so much and still lose weight. My first weigh in isn't until Wednesday and I'm freaking out hoping that this will work for me!

Looking forward to your replies!
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There are quite a few members here who are at target weight so they have been through the little bit to lose stage and got through it successfully. I can't wait to get to that stage but I'm expecting it to be slower going. However, the important thing is to make the healthier eating plan a way of life so that once you reach target, you stay there.

This is the most enjoyable diet I have ever done and it doesn't really feel like a diet. I never have to go hungry.

Good luck.
Thanks Teresa! It helps to know that there are others out there who understand :)
Good luck with your weight loss too!
Ive got a long way to go before I reach my target weight, but by reading lots of posts on this forum it seems to deffiantly work for others. I have only been doing it for 3 weeks and can honestly say I not gone hungry once, I was a bit skeptical at first thinking how u can eat so much but still loose, but it does work.
So enjoy and good luck!!
Hi Nat! I'm also 5' 7" with not far to go to target either. When I did WW several years ago I was told my Healthy BMI range to aim for was between 9st 12lb and 11st 6lb. I'm currently aiming for 10st 7lb, putting me right in the middle of my healthy BMI.

Welcome to SW! And good luck!!
Thanks everyone!

Vodkamonster - I think 9st 12lb is nice for a 5ft 7 height anyway so I think if I have trouble going lower than that I might stick to a weight somewhere around there. I was 9st 12lb a few weeks ago and it felt wonderful except for the fact that I was starving! Just a shame that I gained on holiday...

I have to say being on SW I haven't felt hungry at all.

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