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10 pounds lighter before 2009!!!!

I'm starting a dairy to help me with this goal. i would like to lose 10 pound by the end of this month. I am a student, busy and don't really have time for the gym or i always make excuses not to go. so i have bought exercise dvds that focus on weight training. okay so today:

5 eggs with 3 yokes-used butter flavored spray to cook instead of oil
oatmeal mixed with grits with a teaspoon of suger
1 cup of rice mixed with veggies(white but i purchased brown rice today and will be using that from now on)
fried mashed chick peas(arabic food, i really like them)
1 cup of coffe with i tsp of suger
2 scoops of whey protein for protein shake=52g of protein

-upperbody, 35 minutes
3 lb dumbells
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2 lipo 6 capsules(this a fat burner pill)
30 minutes later 15 min HIIT on empty stomach
4 caps of CLA(conjugated linoleic acid)
-oatmeal with grits/sweetner
-brown rice and tuna

evening workout
2 caps of lipo 6 HERS(fat burner pill)
The Firm DVD
lower body-45 min; 3lb dumbells
whey protein 2 scoops- 54g of protein
creatine-33g of carbs (if you are familiar with creatine, should i have this for the insulin spike? its is late at night now and will be going to bed, will carbs not convert into fat during sleep?
im sure others will be along to give you more informed advice, but I am a bit concerned about your diet plan - there is no fresh fruit or veg in there and i'm pretty sure the balance of what you're eating isn't great. Its obvious you are trying to build muscle what with all the protein, and I'm not educated on this type of dieting... but unless you are doing a LOT of working out in the gym (we're talking an hour upwards on weights) I dont see why you would need quite so much protein in there... my brother was trying to bulk up so had the protein and did 2 hours a day in the gym, and my ex was the same...

this isn't a criticism, just a concern (it may even be unfounded) xx
Wannabslim, yes i want to build muscle and lose fat. i was actually concerned that i was NOT getting enough protein, as the general bodybuilding rule is 1 gram per body pound. i am trying to do high protein, moderate fat, and complex carbs with the majority being protein as it is the building blocks for muscles. yes, you are correct about implementing fruits and veggies into my diet. it does not seem that i am getting all my daily nutrients in. i have been taking a multi-vitamin so i may get all my neccarry nutrients so my body may function efficiently. today i did have lots of fruits though and some veggies. here is how my diet looked like today.

2 lipo 6 caps
-half a cup of coffee with sweetener
walk/jogged some 1 hour and 30 min(was exploring new trail and it turned out to be longer than i expected)
-4 caps of CLA
-2 large bananas
-1 large orange
-2 bars of granola
-1 can of salmon
-2 bowls of lentil and veggie soup
-1 orange

lower body and back are sore today.
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2 caps of lipo 6
quick 10 min today body workout(not enough time to workout in the AM) will try to wake up earlier to do morning cardio.
-4 caps of CLA
-1.5 scoops of whey protein; protein shake with sweetener)
-1 banana
-2 bowls of thick lentil soup again(full of protein and fiber and it tastes awesome!)
-1 cup of mixed veggies
-1 cup of cinnamon apple sauce
-1 humongous red apple

i wanted to do evening workout session but i got lazy.:sigh:

-5 CLA caps(1000mg each)
-1 banana
-1 large grapefruit
-2 lipo 6 caps
-salad, no dressing
-1 can of salmon in tomato sauce

-half a scoop of creatine
-2 scoops of whey protein, banana shake
-half a grapefruit

-5 CLA caps
-5 scrambled eggs/ 2 yokes
-1 banana
-bowl of oatmeal/sweetener
-huge bowl of thick vegetable soup
-1 cup of refried beans
-2 caps of lipo 6
-2 large grapefruits
-4 egg omelet with veggies( this was really good)

i did about 10 minutes of lower body(lunges, squats, deads) wanted to do more but i told myself i would take a quick break and never got back to doing more. :(

today i ate LOTS!!!

-5 CLA caps
-oatmeal with fat free milk/sweetener
-2 full eggs
-1 oranage
-A spicy chicken sandwich(wheat bun)
-1 serving of baked Lays chips
-1 serving of carrots
-1 cup of mixed veggies
-big bowl of soup
-1 cup of brown rice
-1 banana
4 CLA capsules
-1vcup of low fat yogurt, sweetener and oats
-1 grapefruit
-1 apple
-1 bar of dark chocolate

no exercise today. dang!
I was too tired to log in my daily food intake yesterday. here it is. i kinda went on a bindge yesterday.


-7 capsules of CLA(each pill has 1000mg of CLA(a fat that helps reduce fat and build lean muscles)
-1 cup of dry oats with one cup of lowfat yogurt
-1 Humongous salad with shredded cheese and chicken stips/lowfat ranch
-1 minute maid iced bar(like icecream bar)
-handfull of hot cheeto puffs chips
-1 orangs
-1 cup of brown rice
-1 grapefruit
-1 large bowl of veggie soup

then it the binge starts as i'm at a friend's house
-1 sliced tuna sandwich
-2 cheese sandwich
-lots of grapes(estimating about 6-8 servings)
-cantaloupes, strawberrys and watermelon with fruit dip
-3 Tamyas(fried crushed chick peas)
-AND CHEESE(I had handful after hand full of assorted cheese(maybe 12-15 servings!!)
-another large bowl of soup
-minute maid strawberry juice.

there you have it. i was definitely full, but went to bed empty, depressed and dejected.

I'm not started over to day, i'm continuing. just another rock in the road to overcome.

i weighed myself this moring
163.2 lbs(GAINED 1.3 POUNDS)
35.2 BF(I LOST 0.8 BODYFAT!!!)
Hey hun, you can do this, keep going. Are you doing enough exercise to warrant the additional protein? As if you're not using it up through working out, your body can store it as fat (you may already know this, if so I'm sorry!). I never used to realise that - which is why even if you cut out carbs but you had a lot of cals in protein and didn't burn it, you could actually gain.

Hey hun, you can do this, keep going. Are you doing enough exercise to warrant the additional protein? As if you're not using it up through working out, your body can store it as fat (you may already know this, if so I'm sorry!). I never used to realise that - which is why even if you cut out carbs but you had a lot of cals in protein and didn't burn it, you could actually gain.


you are correct about my body storing unused protein as fat. and no i have not been working out as diligently as i am supposed to be. i do my 5 of 10 minutes in the morning. i have plenty of time to exercise if i get up earlier but its so hard to wake in the morning to exercise. i am going to make myself wake tomorrow morning for a cardio session before work. :sigh:
alright today i was so busy the whole day. i wish i had had time to prepare my food before i went out.


CLA caps(5 grams)
-1 cup of lowfat yogurt with oats and weetner
-2 scrambled eggs
-1 HUGE apple
-2 servings of assorted cheese
-2 bars of granola
-buttered popcorn
-1 meal replacement candy bar
-1 energy shot drink
-1 serving of pretzels
-1 bowl of soup
-1 serving of grapes
-3 mint candies
-1 cup of green tea

4 grams of CLA
-1 large grape fruit
-oats with lowfat yogurt
-1 container of blackberries-about 2-3 servings
-brown rice with tuna
-pack of Oreo fudge cookies(the 100 calorie pack)
-1 and 1/2 bottles of those small energy shot drinks
1 gram of CLA
-Grilled chicken(2 breasts and 2 legs!!)
-1 cup of green tea
-2 scoops of whey protein


2 capsules of Nutrex Lipo 6
30 min cardio on empty stomach
10 min interval with weights alternating high jumps
20 min of abs
i am trying to eat more but its hard to make make myself do so.....but i'll still keep trying


2 lipo 6 capsules
20 min full body workout

-big bowl of grits
4 grams of CLA
-1 large grapefruit
-omlet( 3 eggs, 2 yokes)
-1.5 brown rice with herbs( it really tasty accually)
-1 grapefruit

2 lipo 6 capsules
25 min alternating jogging, fast walking, and walking lunges

-1 large protein shake(whey protein)-about 65 grams of protein
-1 pear
2 grams of CLA
green tea later and multi-vitamin before bed

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