10 stone lost, 2 to go!!

Discussion in 'CD Inspirational Photos' started by lynseys, 31 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Back on plan to shift the last 2 stone!!!!

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  3. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    OH MY GOD! you dont even look like the same person! Pretty face all the way but the body! Wowser!!!!
  4. Lisawilson08

    Lisawilson08 Full Member

    Oh my goodness!! Wowee!!

    I have over 10 stone to lose and thinking it was a daunting thought!! But seeing you have done it is amazing! xx
  5. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Aw thanks guys. It sounds daft but I found it quite easy to lose the first 10 stone!! It's bloody hard when u come off plan, I struggled with what to eat! Gone back on it to get down to 10st 10... Goal weight! Just filled in my application form for this years convention, fingers crossed I get shortlisted!! Hope you guys are doing well, I did it all on step 2 xx
  6. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Good luck!
    Im on Step 2 - 3rd day! Going strong!!!

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  7. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Mhmmmm... Mango shake! I absolutely looooove it! In fact I decided to swap porridge supply for mango.
    Day 3 and ...ketosis kicked in. Fully! Can't believe it as I thought it will take me at least four days.
    Now. Let the countdown begin! Next new goal - first week 100%
    Loving it! Thank you Cambridge D!

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  8. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Gosh it's weird isn't it as I hated the mango shake!! Too sour for me! I have the same every week... Strawberry shake for breakfast, porridge for lunch, rice pudding for dinner!! I used the lemon bars and choc mint bars to lose the 10st but now just gonna stick with the 3 option til goal. Can't stomach the soups anymore, was obsessed with them for first month! Good luck for first weigh in! Xx
  9. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    wow well done! envious or what lol. I am starting cambridge diet on monday, bought it all today starting on step 2 as consultant advised me to, how long did it take you? im so worried ill fail or not lose!!

    I tried cambridge beginning of the year, another woman put me on step 3 straight away but 3 packs and 3 meals, and charged me £90pw i only did it first week, sh weighed me and i was the same weight, motivation went plus £90pw!!!

    new lady is lovely and it's costing £45pw she couldnt believe it when I told her!
  10. pinkpussy

    pinkpussy Full Member

    You look fantastic. May I ask how long it took and what level?
  11. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Hi!! Not been on here for a while sorry. I started and stayed on step 2 throughout and lost 10 stone in 9 months xx
  12. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    wow, you lost all that on step 2 which I'm doing? excellent! inspiration! lol so if I were to go on SS if I ever get brave enough to go without any food I would lose it a bit quicker?

    lol! well done I bet you're loving life now! I just so hope it works for me, did you ever have any weeks where you didn't lose much? did you ever fall of the wagon? its 9th day so far

    I lost 7lbs last week which was my first week wish it was more :( my weigh in day is a Monday but at moment she is weighing me wed and fri to motivate me, felt crap Wednesday -- showed only half a pound :(

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  13. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    My consultant said it wouldn't make much different me going on sole source so I did it for a week and lost around the same as I normally would so went back on step 2. Nope, I never fell off the wagon, I got quite obsessed with it as each week I was losing around 4lbs. I did have a couple of weeks here and there where I would only lose 2llbs but never gained. Towards the end I had 2x stayed the same weeks but then id have a big loss the week after. My one bit of advice... Drink loads of water!!! It made a huge difference for me. The weeks I had small losses were the weeks I'd not had enough water! I would normally drink 4ltrs a day. I've sent off my application form for convention now so fingers crossed I get shortlisted. If I do, I need to shift 2 stone by 14th nov!! Keep telling myself that's easy but I'm guessing it's not gonna drop off me as easily when I was bigger. How ru getting on? How's the weight loss going?xx
  14. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    Aw wicked :) good luck for the November loss! you'll do it! :) rather jealous but you're an inspiration, got weighed today --- put on half a pound lol.

    I havent been drinking the amount of water so you saying that probably is the reason!! also my lady has told me to have all my packets during the day then my meal in the evening as i was having breakfast shake lunch soup dinner then having my last shake as like a dessert something sweet in the evenings :(

    I felt very demotivated and felt like giving up today -- of course it wouldnt work for me nothing does lol, trying to stay positive!
  15. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Don't give up, you will get a big loss next week guaranteed! Get on the water! I drink loads of fizzy water too, nice change. I did what u did, shake in the morning, bar at lunch then had my meal in evening and then used to use the mix a mousse in a shake for pudding, I was always told it doesn't matter when u have them so I would just stick with when u want then! It seriously sounds like it's just the water your not getting enough of! Try it this week and see what a great loss u get next weigh in!! I'm sat here now quite hungry but then I've always felt hungry in an evening even after my meal and dessert! I just kept reminding myself that I'm not paying £45 a week to cheat and lose 1lb! Think of it like that lol! Or... Just go to bed early, some nights I was in bed by 8!! It's not forever xxx
  16. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Did I read somewhere that u live near Gatwick?? I lived in Horsham for 14 years!!xx now in Buxton, Derbyshire xx
  17. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    Yea I live in Crawley! Why did you move? Could of done it together!! Haha come back!!

    I will stick to it, I've kind of got into a habit with it now. If I give up, who'll care? No one except failing myself!!

    Weigh in today, nervous and ran out of packs at the weekend weirdly!

    Bought sims 4 to play to keep occupied lol.

    Yea I feel hungry in evening I think it's mostly habit though, breaking free!!!

    I smoke...and unfortunately I am a bit more now due to not eating, I think I'd commit murder giving both up at the same time! Next thing to tackle once I've lost weight!

    Determined to shift before my yearly florida holiday in April so I can buy designer clothes not just shoes and handbags!!!!

    Move back here!!


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  18. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    Lost 2lb since Friday, weird week!! Hopefully double it by Monday next weigh in xx

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  19. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Haha id love to move back. Moved up here in 2000 as dads job moved to Manchester airport! I smoke too now!! I gave up for 4 years and then when I initially came off plan after losing the 10 stone I started for some stupid reason... Will quit again one day!! I've really found it quite hard getting back on plan to be honest! Once u finish or cheat, it's hard to stick to it again. One of my friends did the plan (that's what inspired me to do it!!) and now she's trying to get back on it and finds she cheats at weekends and to be honest I do now too! If I get shortlisted then I'll get down to goal but if I don't I'm happy to stick at 12st, size 12. I was a size 26 last April!!xxx
  20. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    Yes move back here! Gatwick airport is better than Manchester!!! lol I don't know anyone whos done this and no on really knows I am except work and family not even my OH as he wouldn't agree with it!

    lol at you taking up smoking!! helps take the food cravings away but smoking more :(

    How tall are you? I saw you on the Cambridge website on the video thing haha I watched it and recognised you - I am guessing its you? feel like a stalker now!!

    Why is it so hard? to not eat? what type of foods were you having for your dinner? sorry all the questions just no one else seems to respond or is on the same journey rather than been through it!!
  21. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Haha yes it's me on the video!! I'm the frozen screen on the main page in the green top!!! It was fab, did a photo shoot for Cambridge and also an interview which I think they will use too! I've also done an article for their new magazine that the consultants give out! When I'm on step 2 I normally have quorn mince or chicken (it's the biggest portion!!!) with 2 oxo cubes and a little water to make a gravy plus I add a spring onion and a few mushrooms, it's quite nice and huge portion! Or I have a tub of cottage cheese with a big salad. At the beginning I just had 2 boiled eggs every day as easy but can't even look at an egg anymore, sick of them!! Xxx

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