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10 stone to loose.


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This time i have to do it, for my physical and mental health, Iwas 14 stone the first time i went on a diet and now im 20stone. I feel repulsive, i live in a small village and im much bigger than anyone else, i seldom go outside, not been on holiday for 8 years, my husband wont touch me, i dont go to opticians, gp or dentist because i might break the chair(that happened when i went to get my eyebrows waxed in november last year) i simply cant keep going like this. i HAVE to succeed this time, im so glad i found this forum.
Today- 3-7-2011....20 STONE 3POUNDS
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Welcome, and good luck. What diet are you doing, or weight loss plan? If you need any help or just support, don't be nervous to ask :D



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Hi MsMia, been to every class out there and can do it for about 7/8 weeks, then fall off the wagon and gain at least twice more than i loss, this time stopping all takeaways and do the paul mckenna cd every day, listened to it this morning for the 1st time and definitely feeling positive, more than i have in the past.:)
hello and welcome :)

you sound so determined, so keep that thought, and you're half way there!

I too have a lot to lose, i started in feb this year and can relate to how you feel about chairs etc. I have failed so many times over the years, but this time the lightbulb' moment has gone on, stayed on..and is still shining brightly!!!!...i am sick of how I look and feel..and for the sake of my health (and appearance :eek:)..its GOT to go! :)

Keep posting, you will find lots of support on here. Consider starting a diary, in the diary section on here, that's where I can be found every day!!!! and keeping the diary has kept me focused along the way, everyone who posts on it are so friendly and supportive, it truly helps me :D

I look forward to chatting with you. When are you planning on having your first weigh in?
I am doing it 'by myself' lifestyle change...healthy eating and exercise (exercise bike and walking) not ready to join classes or gyms etc..unless i had the place to myself :)....no self confidence and low self esteem due to weight issues..but one day i'll emerge from this blubber like a light butterfly ( I hope!)

p.s I've sat in opticians chairs when i was over 21 stone, it didn't break..so don't worry! My concern is flimsy looking chairs and garden furniture....the beauty salon chair was probably of the 'flimsy variety'..so don't despair!

just little changes make a difference..i stopped snacking throughout the day, every day! I gave up crisps, nuts, anything calorific and savoury, fizzy juice, white bread, grill instead of frying, no cakes, biscuits or sweets, plenty of fruit and veg, no takeaways (my downfall in the past!) etc etc...and compromised on many things, ryvita minis instead of crisps, fruit instead of fattening snacks..and keeping occupied in craving moments, by having a bubble bath and pampering session, painting nails, going for a long walk, phoning a friend :), watching a diet programme, reading a diet magazine, DIY, clearing out wardrobes and drawers etc etc...phew!!! anyway with my change in lifestye i've somehow managed to lose over 3 stone of unwanted blubber along the way, its not always easy, and we all have bad days, me included..but it CAN be done, hang on in there, you'll be glad you did!!!

have a good and successful day, keep posting :)

Feel free to pm me if you want anytime..i'm a good listener..and i truly relate and understand the battle of the bulge :)
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Thanks RainbowRose, im off now to find where the diary page is ( it was a folding wooden deck chair kind of thing with a sheet over it) i broke it, hurt my neck, couldnt get up and they had to get a man off the street to help, i still havent got over it.
No problem. The diary section is near the top of the page. Some sections of it you have to post a certain number of times, before you can access it. I started in the main section and didn't move onto members or sliver memebers etc, I sort of got stuck where I was :) and was happy there!

My wake up call involved a mirror :eek: I avoid mirrors at all costs, but was caught by this one :eek: Maybe as hurtful as it is, use your memory of the broken chair to motivate you when the going gets tough? I've got a lifetime of hurtful and embarrassing memories....I post one every day in my diary to remind me why I am doing this! Most are personal memories, others are feelings that I have with regard to carrying excess weight.

You are not alone, i refuse all invites to parties, weddings etc, hate walking past groups of people, especially youths, don't have a 'normal' family life, can't play with my little boy properly etc....so if i want to change my life, the weight has got to go, this time forever!

I look forward to chatting with you here or in other sections of the forum.


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Cant get on to diaries yet, need 50 posts, i think we have a lot in common eg mirrors, reflections in shop windows do it for me too. will be great when we can go to parents night etc and not feel horrible. C hristmas will be great this year we will look so different.
Cant get on to diaries yet, need 50 posts, i think we have a lot in common eg mirrors, reflections in shop windows do it for me too. will be great when we can go to parents night etc and not feel horrible. C hristmas will be great this year we will look so different.
Yes, a right couple of christmas crackers! :D

You should be able to access the actual weight loss diary section, i think the 50 posts are for the different sections, members, silver, gold etc. Just click on my link to my diary if you are having trouble!

This link should get you onto the diary page, just read down past the silver etc sections and everyone's diaries should be there and if you want you can start a new thread there and post your diary!

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Hi James it is really difficult isnt it? but why shouldn't we succeed, others can do it and we can too, im really inspired by RainbowRose, her diary could be all about me, we CAN do it !!!!


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Hi Miss Piggy! Welcome to the sexy club. :D Goodluck on your journey. I read your first post to this thread and can tell you that I can relate to it. I came to a realization that I am on this weight now when I went to my dentist to have my annual prophylaxis, then she was so surprised to see that I can no longer fit the chair. We all know that dental chairs are huge, right?

RainbowRose > You gave me an idea of creating a diary. I don't have one :mad: I think, that's where I can write everything that has happened to me in the day. My cheats and successes. Yay!



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hey ms p - i started last week on my weight loss programme doc gave me xenical and so i am following a low fat diet. i too have at least 8 or 9 stones to lose and i am absolutely disgusted in myself, my partner or 11 yrs cheated on me 2yrs ago with my best friend and i was so low in confidence i stayed with him!!! now, i split up with him 8 months ago and his parting words were that i would never get anyone else , no one would ever want me!!! i let that get to me for a few months but now i think no i will not let this poor specimen of a man control me any longer, i want my mojo back lol i too have tried all sorts classes fad diets the lot and nothing worked. this time i have found unbelievably that even on a low calorie diet u can still consume lots of fat, i have been checking labels and keeping my fat content per day under 45g and guess what i cant believe it but it is working have lost 2lbs already may not sound much but anything is a bonus. i also dont feel hungry all the time, i have cut out all white bread and eat wholemeal only - if u check the labels on the foods its a pain i know but u get used to it really quickly make sure ur whole meal is no more than 15g of fat thats what is working for me. i cant wait to lose some more weight so that i can join the gym, too embarrased to just now incase i break something. with that said i am actually managing to keep my fat grams per day under 30 which is amazing considering i must have been eating well over 100 before!!! i am also finding it easy (never thought i would say that) but just looking at the labels it really does help. i am rambling now its what i do lol add me as a friend if u want and we can keep each other going cos its gonna be a long hard slog but i WILL get those hotpants on pmsl xx good luck x
here is the link to my food diary its really helping me to write it all down. http://www.minimins.com/xenical-diaries/220248-newbie-diary-any-help-appreciated-lol.html


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Hi KellyM1, really nice to meet you, congratulations on getting rid of a great big lump of lard- your ex lol. what a shock he is gony get when he sees you a few months from now! thanks for the bread advice, really useful. Im not far from you in lanarkshire but i think you have better gyms in glasgow, only 1 for miles where i live, need to lose a LOT before i could consider it, looking forward to lots of chats, i will start my diary when i have 50 posts. x;)

how are you doing today? Oh, i don't think you need 50 posts to start a diary on the weight loss diary page mspiggy?..but i originally started on this forum in 2009, then fell off the wagon and went AWOL, maybe i was over 50 posts when i returned in feb this year??? Hmmm give it a try and see if you can start a new thread on the same section that I am in?
if not, you'll reach 50 posts in no time :)

desperatetobslim, thankyou, i look forward to seeing you in the diary section too, i am almost sure the 50 posts thing is for the member and silver/gold sections..not the basic weight loss diary page :)

kelly, well done for turning your life around, i had a RAT (ahem, i mean 1st husband) who cheated on me, i didn't stay around and divorced him :) I blamed my weight, although he denied it..anyway life does go on and gets better. I'm married now to the love of my life and we have a wee boy!

mspiggy, like you and kelly, i too am scottish, glaswegian born and bred, but now live on the west coast.

Keep that determination alive and well and you'll soon be reaping the benefits and feeling good about yourself and happy. I still have 100 pounds to lose, but the loss so far has made me a much happier woman recently, come on, link arms..we are all going to do this!

have a great day, wee steps at a time, it can be done! :)


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Hi RainbowRose,
im going to get stuck into this today and figure out how to do everything, its definitely keeping my mind off food, but in saying that i havent eaten anything yet today, not hungry but the paul mcenna thing says only eat when hungry, so a wee bit confused, im close to lanark which isnt far from Ayr, maybe our paths have crossed at some point when ive had the kids at the seaside!