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100% or bust!

Well after a not so great week I was ready to throw the towel in. Then I came on here for my daily fix and think I have found my mojo again. :0)
Really want to kick the ass outta my last stone and it started really well when I joined again 3 weeks ago. Had a 3lb loss first week but 2nd week only half a pound. I know it's a loss but was a bit dissapointed as stuck to plan and upped my excercise.
Anyway, since then I've gone a bit silly and just haven't seemed to care. Have prob only stuck to plan 3 days properly :0(
Just been eating pretty much what I fancy but now feel so stupid as weigh in is tomorrow!!
BUT, I'm going, I know where I went wrong and I'm commiting myself to 100% for the next week! If I don't I'll go off the boil and do what I've done before..... Quit, tell myself I'm fine only to moan in the summer when I could be at target!
Anyone feeling similar feel free to join me! I will confess all on this thread every night and hope for a loss next weigh in.
I've pretty much resigned myself to a gain tomorrow... But if I expect a gain I won't be dissappointed!
Books out, paper diary at the ready, bring it on! Oh, and I'm gonna try a week of red to kickstart me again.
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Hi there i'm with you on this one please i've been getting quite lazy lately and not counting every syn passing my lips one example is i bought some morning coffee biscuits yesterday and as i put them in the biscuit barrel i quickly stuffed a couple in my mouth and when i got to the end of the packet i crushed some up so it would seem they were like it already and poured the crumbs into my mouth did the same an other day this week too and not only the biscuits guilty of other sweet foods as well glad ive the excuse to own up to be honest need to sort things out good luck at weight in tomorrow mine is tuesday.
Chocaslim that did make me laugh!! :-D Its funny the things we do isn't it! I've done that myself quite a few times. That's why I love coming on here, makes you realise we all have our mad times! Forgive me sw for I have sinned!!! :-D
Will let u know about my shameful gain tomorrow... Gd luck for yours!
I got really disheartened on my first SW attempt a few months back...I maintained one week even though I'd stuck to plan 100%. I'd been doing my first week of silver body magic and I'm sure that was why. Upping your exercise can initially see your weight STS or increase because of muscle :)
I think you're right alouise! I've gone from walking the dogs once a day to that and a couple of gym workouts. Last week I also started the 30 day shred. Am loving the feeling I get after excercise tho... And hopefully the scales will move once I get used to it. :0) (if I stop the Chinese/ wine and crisps that have also crept in this last week! :-/ )
Hiya chocaslim how did you get on?
I can't believe it.... Lost 1.5lb?!? Actually feel like I don't deserve it, maybe it was partly due to being so good the week before!
Well, sticking to my guns!
So far have had bran flakes with milk from HEA, crabstick salad for lunch with balsamic vinegar and just about to tuck into a lamb shank with roasted veg and a small glass of red. Had an apple and a pear for snacks. Yet to have my HEBs so will have 2 alpen light bars with a cuppa later. So 6 syns for the day so far.


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yay!! fab loss Nikki1974 today ive done well so far breakfast was 1/2 a grapefruit with fat free natural yoghurt and lunch was salad leaves and a 2 egg omlette with smoked salmon. tea was white fish with mash potato with 3 veg ive had fruit for snacks and 2 morning coffee biscuits and one small choc chip one @ 1.0 syn each also made the scanbran choc cake at 11.5 syns which i put some silken tofu thinly on top cut into 8 thats 2 syns each total syns so far =5 syns.
Oooooo omelette and salmon... Yummy. Gonna try that! Gd luck for your weigh in tomorrow!! Xxx
Well done to both of you!! Don't you love it when you have convinced yourself you'll have a bad week and it turns out to be a good one?
Yay!!! Chocaslim that's fab fab fab!!! Woooo! Big up for us!! Long may it continue!! Xxx


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yes fingers are crossed i need to lose 1.5lbs to take me into the 9s yippee i havent been there for about 9 yrs i think i might try green and red days this week i'm bored of fishy week.
Omg I need 2 to get me into the 9's!! We CAN do this... Keep in touch and we'll spur eachother on!! I haven't been there for yrs either! Xx


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Hi folks hows we doing then just had brekkie of smoked salmon and beans and egg yum!!!! got hospital appointment today need to see a gynocolgist (cant spell that) so wish me luck.
Hi nikki I thought our stats were close we will get there in the end getting quite excitted now but also scared i wont make it.
Helloooooo! Doing ok. Had an Indian last night but was so gd and just had half the portions of pilau rice and chicken jalfrezi. Not had brekkie (my worst habit) as been so busy! Off to gym now for hr of pain lol. Gd luck today, hope all goes well!!! Can't wait to get back in the 9's... That's when I really start to see the benefits in my clothes. Can't wait to get rid of the size 14's and slip on the 12's!!


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thanks for directing me here Nikki. I am going to do 100% this week and as i mentioned on another thread i have resisted a twirl and wispa already this morning, yippee.
i like the sound of crab sticks so i think i might jog on down to Asda to get some pittas and have crab stick salad for lunch in a pitta for work. that sounds like heaven.
good luck every one.

i cant wait to get into a size 14. i am a large 16 at the moment.
Last yr I was a large 16 babe then stopped and rejoined few weeks ago! Well done for resisting the choc, I drool at the idea of choccie bars!!!!
For luch I had a chicken salad butty as short on time. Used 2 HEB as on a red week. Tonight will be gammon, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes.Yum yum!
Glad u joined us, be nice to get some more of us on board!! Xx
Like the idea of this thread gained 2.5 lb last week though I had been naughty birthday week so lots of meals and wine, good job only have one a year. I prefer a gain to show if I havent been 100% to help keep me on track guess I use it as an excuse to eat even more if not

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