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100% SS with jelly and water flavouring q's

Hi All, i'm in my 3rd week of 100% SS, 2nd time round, i lost 9 pounds 1st week and 3 last week, been on the scales this am 4th day into 3rd week and dropped 1.5 pounds!!!

I feel like I should be another couple of pounds down, does anyone think this could be as I am making half a litre of jelly every other day or every 3 days with tsp of water flavouring and pink natural food colouring, also have 2 porridges a day and 1 shake made into a mousse??
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Taking one day at a time.
I shouldn't think it's doing much harm, but if in doubt, ditch the jelly, as you know that with SS you WILL lose the weight in the fastest way possible. Do you know what is in the jelly...is it sugar or aspartame? I believe aspartame can be a bit iffy with ketosis and appetite. However, that said, it's hardly going to be giving you many calories (unless it is a sugar jelly), so I should think that, like me, you are impatient!!
Maybe use some ketostix to test if it is knocking you out of ketotsis.

On any other diet, 1.5lb in 4 days would be great, but you've just got used to the big initial losses. Don't, whatever you do, be disheartened. Sometimes it does happen like this - nothing for a few days, and then you'll drop several. Could be a bit of water retention...Make sure you're drinking at least 2.5 litres of water - I'm sure you are.
Keep at it, you're doing so well.
Hi Lottymoo, thanks for your post, yes I think i'll make some Jelly (I use 1 and half scoops of MAM wit half litre of ice cold water and then the flavouring and food colouring) and then test on a ketostix just to see, its not worth it is it if its gonna knowck me out of ketosis?!?. I'm on 4 litres throughout e day I think i'm just being very impatient, I lost 2 .5 stone last year and gained it all from november till beginning of jan so absolutely desperate to get this off and more so quickly too get back into my new clothes, also considering becoming a CDC so want to have inspiration for my "new" clients if I do eventually become a CDC


Taking one day at a time.
ah, well there you are then. You're impatient! Me too. Have been 16st 13lb for 3 days now....:sigh:. Just want to get some more off.:rolleyes:
I know I can't fail to lose more if I stick to the rules, but you can't help feeling paranoid sometimes.
Good luck!
Simple solution girls..... don't weigh yourself at home!!!
Everybody's weight goes up and down during the week, if you wait til weigh-in day you'll be much happier and hopefully surprised every week!


Taking one day at a time.
Very true!!

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