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  1. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    I'm struggling staying under or on my calories lately everyday, I'd like to join people in checking in when you've been 100% and counting up the days :)

    So today would be my first day, I want to make 30 days as people say thats when a habit is formed/broken.

    I did search before posting this and nothing came up.

    Please join me :)
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  3. happyhippo

    happyhippo Silver Member

    I would like to join you as I am the same, one good day one bad day . Need to get on track
  4. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    Well it's 2:47pm and I've not eaten yet... I seem to do this a lot. I did feel unwell this morning but I rarely eat before lunch time simply because I can't stomach it unless it's a day where I have nothing else planned but then I tend to then over eat... I do better calorie wise if I avoid breakfast also.
  5. gabbiearcher

    gabbiearcher Full Member

    I'm in.. :)
    well I won't eat anymore now as never like eating after dinner, so that's day 1/29 :) x
  6. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    1/29 for me.

    I have around 600cals left after earning some from work out.
  7. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    im so terrible i self sabotage myself i do 2 weeks good loose weight then i kinda loosen the belt and tend to go crazy and put weight back on. so i need to be accountable for what im doin si im in. tomorrow will be my first day to 30 days ar 100%
  8. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    I'm the same, 2 weeks and I lose it... I need to break that pattern! :) I'm already having cravings to just eat all the crap in the house haha going to play COD, it helps me ignore everything else.
  9. RosieKat

    RosieKat Full Member

    I'll join in too if that's ok. Hoping to be 100% for the whole of February with no alcohol (counted in or not). I tend to drink several times a week and a stressful situation at work has made that gradually increase. So hoping to break one habit and make another.
  10. happyhippo

    happyhippo Silver Member

    Hadd a 100% day yesterday here's to another today
  11. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    I really struggled last night, I ended up having some poptarts and a bag of home made popcorn, I was still under cals because I worked out but I don't feel right eating my calories from exercise really. x
  12. gabbiearcher

    gabbiearcher Full Member

    2/30 complete.. Not struggled yet but know what will change over the weekend, never sure why but weekends are always my downfall! Well done all on your day ones, good luck to those of day one & panda don't beat yourself up you worked hard for those treats! X
  13. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    I've had quite a bad week and I've got 2 shifts over the weekend and 2 interviews next week, with a panic desorder I've been heaving all day and it's exhausted me enough to make me want to sit and eat chocolate LOL... I'm at 700cals atm, I'll properly make my dinner sometime soon so at least I'm eating something... think it's going to be hairy dieters meal.
  14. gabbiearcher

    gabbiearcher Full Member

    Oh yummy.. Something nice & filling I hope.. Poor you sounds terrible, sounds to me like your doing amazingly all things considered.. My two year old has an operation on Thursday, dreading it going to try & avoid chocolate that day.. As once I start don't think I'll be able to stop while she's down x
  15. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    :(( I hope for nothing TOO serious? No one would judge you if you did give in.. I had to put my guinea pig down on Tuesday then I've been alone since Wednesday night, I get kinda depressed when I'm left alone too long heh... I see my OH tomorrow morning but then I've got a 8 hour shift so kinda 3 days without hiim... my other guinea pig has stopped eating and I'm trying to make him feel better and keep his body weight up. (he has teeth problems which have been sorted but they take a few days to get used to the new feeling in their mouths). Will be thinking about you :)

    The interviews would be good if I got the job, as it's a firm step towards getting house with my OH but it's in an area far away and i have to leave my current job whch I don't always love but I'm used too now after a year haha.
  16. Agent Shagwell

    Agent Shagwell Silver Member

    Pandanate, I think this is a really positive suggestion. More positive than setting a monthly weight-loss goal. Because, you know, you can be sticking to your calories and your weight may still not drop one week...or for the ladies, if it's time of the month, it might go up...or any other things could happen. However, whether we stick to our calories is something we CAN control, and if we KEEP sticking to them, then eventually the weight has to come to the level we want it - right? :) No matter what happens from one week to the next. So, count me in! I've had a bit of a turbulent two weeks. I mean, it's only been turbulent food-wise - went to a course where 'lunch and morning tea' were provided, which meant delicious cakes and slices for morning tea and big lunches! At the same time some family came back to town and are staying with me, and they've wanted to have a family, communal dinner each night which has been fair enough as I only see them in the evenings and I haven't seen them in about a year! I'm back on track, calorie-wise now. I've gained back some of the weight I lost so I won't set a calorie goal for February or update my stats until I lose another kilo or two, but I AM in for this. Starting today is my first day :) However, for me I'm going to make it a 28-day challenge, to take me to my first weigh-in day at the end of February. Good luck, everyone!

    Pandanate and gabbiearcher, sorry to hear you're having some unpleasant things in your lives at the moment. Take care of yourselves, OK? I hope it all gets better soon and that your work resolves and also that your two-year-old is OK :) HUGS!
  17. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    I'm still at 100% today, I may have a Gu dessert as I have the calories, only an hour or two until bedtime so I'm going to say 2/29 100% x
  18. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Hi - a good idea. I have been 100% today. Yay us!
  19. gabbiearcher

    gabbiearcher Full Member

    Oh 3 days would feel like forever to me too, I also hate being alone.. So hugs on that one! Hope those 8 hours at work went as quickly as possible! My dd is 2 years old but last year was diagnosed with arthritis in a few of her joints.. This has also effected her weight so she's booked in for a stomach biopsy and joint injections.. Because of her age they obviously can't do it while she's away.. We've had it done (joint injections) 4 times last year and procedure is quick etc its just the leaving her that gets me..

    So far day 3 I'm on track to another day on plan! Feeling really positive actually although missing my previously best friend.. Chocolate!
  20. gabbiearcher

    gabbiearcher Full Member

    Yay! Well done! X
  21. gabbiearcher

    gabbiearcher Full Member

    Finished yesterday fine.. Managed extra exercise today & well in my calories so that's 4/30"for me :) x

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