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100% weekend!!

Weekends have definatly been my downfall in the past, this is the first weekend since my restart so im aiming to be 110%!

I feel really determined at the minute, but my OH has a takeaway every friday night so its going to be hard to resist!

I need to know other people are 'suffering' too haha!

Anyone 100% with me?? No cheating ;)
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yip im 100% with you - im going out walking tonight but im still going to have my usual glass of red when i get back - ive earned it !!!

As for the take away why not get a Prawn chow meing, they are really low !


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Im with you! :D no booze for me this weekend (which is usually my downfall on weekends). Going to my mates tomorrow night for a DVD sesh and ive bought WW tortilla crisps in preparation ;-)

Tonight is WW pizza, yum!
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Same here, I'm not going out so no drinking and I've planned my meals for weekend including a creme egg tomorrow night! I've got 2 weeks til a wedding and so giving it my all. X
My weekends are always bad, doesn't help that my WI day is a Friday! :-O

I'm going to give it my all this weekend tho, I'm on antibiotics so can't drink and I'm working all weekend so fingers crossed!
Brilliant girlies thats what i like to hear!! I dont really like prawns, so i made my own version of a chicken kebab using chicken pieces salad and mayo in a pitta yum! :)

Going to try and plan my food for tomorrow but sats can be off and on as either really busy or nothing to do!

Good luck everyone and thanks for ur support xx
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Im gonna be aiming for a good day tomorrow and sunday, usually I just eat rubbish all weekend as I stay at my boyfriends and dont really have a choice of what I eat, fingers crossed!
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Im trying to be 100% this weekend only got 16 weeklies left and after a disastrous weekend last week (chinese buffet) im trying to lose this week. gonna try to not go over my points.


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I am on board too! Really want a good weight loass this week, as am away on a hen weekend next weekend, so its def not going to be a 100% weekend!!!!
How is everyone getting on :D im still 100% so far!, so nice to see so many people determined!! enjoy the rest of ur weekend xx
I'm doing really well at the minute, was tempted with the tasty lunch and cake in work today but I stayed strong! :)


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C: 11st3.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27
Not so good for me folks :-/ no alcohol bit LOTS of chocolate :-/ line is drawn and tomorrow is a new day! x x
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I think it's going ok so far :) haven't eaten too badly and stuck to the amount I wanted to eat yesterday :)

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I'm doing ok too but was 4 points under yesterday, despite having my creme egg. I'd made a low point veg curry for tea and ate loads so was full. Didn't see the point of eating last 4 points for sake of it at 11pm.
Are people using their weeklies? I've had 2 since Thursday. I find it really hard to use them if I'm not out.
Keep up the good work. Xxx


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i've used none of my weeklies yet this week,,trying not to this week and see how i get on as have been using them every week since pp came in.so far so good this weekend on being good:)
I dont have weeklies as on discover, but through reading diaries some people use them all, some none and some in between. Im not sure if this will affect losses? Suppose it just depends on the person? I'd be scared of eating mine hehe! xx


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ive had a good weekend considering ive been on nightshift - had a few naughty treats but its all been pointed and only tonight have I had a few weeklies. One more night to go for me!
Its my totm so really need to have a good week for weigh in on sat!
Well, im very proud to say i made it through my first 100% weekend since restarting! On to week two!

Feeling a little bit deflated today but think its a combination of someone stealing an hour off me in bed and foggy/dull weather!

Have a good week everyone :) xx
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im having a 100% weekend this weekend! no falling off the wagon!! feel so deflated as the weight i lost and all the hard work i put into it is all creeping back up on me!
Now im giving it 100% on PP and at the gym and i feel no different!! help! xx
S: 12st4.5lb C: 11st10.0lb G: 10st7.0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.93%)
I got weighed last night and stayed the same despite having 25 weeklies. I'm going to a wedding a wk on sat so am giving it 100% all week. Absolutely no chocolate even if pointed. Lots of exercise too! X

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