1000 cals plan for weightloss?????

Discussion in 'CD 1000-maintenance' started by 2005pinkpig, 11 March 2011 Social URL.

  1. 2005pinkpig

    2005pinkpig Full Member

    Hi everyone does anyone else use the 1000 cal plan for weight loss rather than maintanence. I did Lipotrim a few years ago felt absolutely amazing for about 6 months then managed to put it all back on, got pregnant had a baby and gained an extra stone!!:cry:

    Feeling pretty lousy at the moment and would love to get back in all my post lipotrim wardrobe but struggling to get my daughter to bf and so can't drastically cut cals to do ss or ss+.

    Any success stories or encouragement welcome need to get motivated and stick to something. :break_diet:
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  3. Chelsea Lou

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    Eat Less, move more

    I'm working my way up to 1000, I'm now on 810 and hope to be 1000 in a couple of weeks, so can't really answer your question but one of our lovely ladies will be along pretty soon with loads of advice and support.....guaranteed.

    Wishing you luck. You've obviously done so well in the past and will do again, I am sure. Congratulations on the little one too. x
  4. 2005pinkpig

    2005pinkpig Full Member

    Thanks Chelsea I'm sure someone will know. I'll talk to my CDC about it when I go next week. It has to achieve some weightloss just by calorie resuction anyway surely. Lets hope so I'll try it and let everyone know how I get on. Good Luck to you x
  5. LellyCD

    LellyCD Trying to stay healthy!

    Hi there 2005PP, yes 1000 cal plan is used for a slower more conventional approach to weight loss, it's a great plan if you are continuing to exercise and includes some small controlled portions of carbs & fruit which if you prefer to keep food in your rather than do total food replacement can be great, along with your 2 cd packs too, it can seem like a pretty large amount after doing ss/ss+ too. How old is your little one? Best to wait at least 3 months after having a baby and also when no longer breastfeeding.
    1000 would also be easier on you with a new baby too.
    hope this helps
  6. determinator

    determinator Banned

    hi , I am on my first week of 1000 , cant comment on losses but just wanted to say hi :)
    I dont think even 1000 is recommended whilst you are breast feeding , I would recommend you try SW as they do a pregnancy/breast feeding plan which is specially designed to ensure you ave all the nutrients you need and enough calories to sustain you both whilst safely loosing weight .. I would say leave CD until you ave finished feeding :)

    Congratulations on your LO too :D
  7. simmy

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    propoints weight watchers
    hi all i did the sole souce and did really well on it, then my birthday came in march and i eat and then found it really hard to get back on plan no matter how much i tried so i throught i will join ww and i just cant get on with it, as i find it hard with choices and food i need to be told this is what u can have lol, any way put 4 pounds back on so be before i put it all back on i am goin to see my cc and shes on about the 1000 plan i still have a stone and a half to lose so hoping this will work i will be kine to see if any one else has done well on this good luck girls
  8. alexmummy07

    alexmummy07 Silver Member

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    I am back on SS at the mo, but I lost weight on 1000, so you should have no problems. Good luck, and keep us informed XX
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