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10lb off this week as give me a right grin lol

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by kerryx, 13 February 2012 Social URL.

  1. kerryx

    kerryx Member

    hey all ...just a quick one to.say please dont get disheartend...after two weeks of not budging getting very disheartend and fed up i changed my excercise a little and to get on the scales today after tell everyone i was gonna throw the scales out the window if i didnt lose i lost 11 pound i was over joyed...so please dont be disheartend long as u know ur being good it will.come off :) x
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  3. xelainex

    xelainex New Member

    Wow, well done for not giving up :)) that's a fantastic result x
  4. FaithFluro

    FaithFluro Skinny (to be) Stef

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    How much/what exercise did you do?! And how much do you weight, if you don't mind me asking!?
  5. kerryx

    kerryx Member

    i went walking and went.on a walker glider thing for two half hours split during week and did about 1200 sit ups....i was 23st 5lb....im now 17st 11lb x
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