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10st still to lose

Hi, im new to this site but its been quite a inspiration reading some of your weight loss struggles and its made me feel that my massive amount to lose isnt the no hoper i had thought it to be.

I joined slimming world on 27th July 2010 and since then have managed to lose some weight every week. Its not been easy as had a bad fall and have damaged my knee so lots of walking and exercise is not possible.
Have been swimming a couple of times a week. Of course with my bulk in a swimsuit its embarassing, however if I take my glasses off to enter the pool I cannot see people stare, look away in shock or recoil in horror.
Ive lost 3st 5lb to date and hope tomorrow at the weigh in to get to three and half stone.
Christmas terrifies me as Im scared I will lose momentum... I have 16 to cook for on both christmas and boxing day. Most of the family dont have a issue with weight. Even If i use extra syns on those days im scared I will let the xmas excuse drag on and i wont get back on track.
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Well done on your weight loss so far.

I started with 10 stone 10lbs to lose in May and am over half way there so it definitely is doable.

For Christmas my plan is to have a small dinner and a couple of drinks but other than that I am sticking to plan. Shouldnt be a huge issue getting back into it then. After all its only one Christmas and theres always next year.
I think I'll just relax and enjoy Christmas and Boxing day, then the fear of the weigh in will make me get back on track :)

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I've been here 2days and its been great, like you I have lots to lose. I think I will have xmas cracked this year - I have a wedding to go to on 15th jan - I will know very few people there so I need the confidence of a good start to the new eating to help me cope with the day.
Its so inspiring and friendly
I've lost during xmas before, accept xmas day might be a bit of a crazy day but its only one day (follow the 80/20 rule - be good 80% and allow the 20% to relax)
And I refuse to buy pringles this year!
Well done on the loss so far.

Christmas is going to be difficult. Or rather getting back into the swing of things in dreary january is.

But cooking for that many you'll be rushed off your feet!
Well done on your losses. Dont worry about loosing momentum. Minimins is a great resource for support. Its was my Birthday yesterday, yes I had a curry, but today and until Christmas (when I will have another little break) I am back on it. Whenever you feel yourself wavering just come on here and talk about it!
Was dissapointed this week to only lose 1.5lb. I know I should think positive and I do know the weight is still coming off but somehow felt it should have been a bigger loss.
Have now taken to walking for 45minutes on days I dont swim so hopefully a better loss next week.
Good luck! Remember you've lost a lot so far so keep up the good work!


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