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11 stone to lose

I have only just started today, but I also have a large amount of weight to lose - about 12 stone. I don't know if I will lose the whole 12 stone on Slim Fast, but I want to give it a go to get started with my weight loss!

Good luck! :)
Are you using slimfast same way as cambridge diet just 3 shakes a day or are you going to have a meal in the evening i have tried so many diets need to get the weight off so this is my last attempt
hi yummymummy i hope things are going well for u, i have 6 or 7 stone to lose whatever gets me into a size 12!! I find slimfast great cos one shake and thats it over anddone with no counting or weighing food!


yummy mummy in the making
just wondering how your all getting along?
Hey :) I have 9stone to lose aswell. I was thinking about starting slimfast and having that for 2 meals a day and then a cupa soup, fruit and yogurt. Whats your thoughts? x
I hav a lot to lose 10-12 stone. Startin slimfast when it arrives nxt couple of days. Says on the website shake for breakfast, lunch three snacks a day that are no more than 100 calories and an evenin meal that is no more than 600 calories. The shake can be substituted with a slimfast meal bar.
I started 2 days ago. I'm just gonna do the plan as recommended. ie 2 meal replacements, 3 100cal snacks & a 600 cal meal. I have 9 stone to lose. Also taking alli with the main meal. Fingers crossed! X
Thank you! However, due to big weightless in 1st week, thought I'd treat myself, so had some alcohol, and some low fat crisps.... Will exercise a little bit more this week to make up for it. Also hiding my scales - or rather Hubby is. I've found that on previous weightloss attempts I weigh myself too often, and if I've gained (as we all do - fluctuations throughout the day etc), it alters my eating habits. ie I pig out..... Trying to keep the weighing to once a week. Fingers crossed I keep this up. Xo


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Sooo glad i found a slimfast thread!

I too started slimfast this week with 7 stone to lose and i feel dreadful! Im spotty, everything aches and my tummy is a different matter! is this normal for the first week guys? xx
Hi folks!!, well hello hello hello!! My name is Clair and ive also been around every single diet known to man and..............im still atleast 5 stone over weight!!! GGRRRRR!!! the thing is its my brain that the issue is with!! such a difficuilt battle that the brain wins and i give in!! Slimfast is my last attempt!! i did the cambridge diet and lost 3 stone in 3 months getting down to 13 and a half stone - felt great looked not bad and then booooooom something in my life got difficuilt and i found comfort eating again! so the weight has piled back on and more :cry: Having some medical problems that also mess up my hormones and metabolism does make it more difficuilt to shift the weight but im determind not to give in this time! i am on day 2 of slim fast and so far so good. If its like the cambridge diet then it'll be day 3 and 4 that i struggle with. This website is great and the support is what i need. so hopefully we can all start and finish this journey together????
Good luck and yes you can do it!

I have used Slim Fast in the past but for me the problem was that it is not like Cambridge as it is full of sugar. Carbohydrates make me hungry and give me cravings for more sugar, starches, bread, etc.

If you are preparing for Cambridge and you would prefer to use shakes I would suggest going to Holland and Barrett or one of those body-building supplement shops. You can buy ready to drink lower carb shakes, many of which are designed as full meal replacements, that would be perfect for helping you get into Cambridge mode.

All the very best to you and keep posting x
Hi!! SlimFast does work as it teaches you to count calories and you can eat whatever you like for snacks and dinner as long as it's within your daily allowance!! The best of luck to you.....you WON'T fail this time ;)
well done on getting to day two,
im actually on day two but technically i started my diet 2 weeks & 2 days ago. had a few blips & lost 2lbs then gained 1lb back, but now im back on track me thinks,
and congrats on losing 3 stone in 3 months woooowww.
what is this cambridge diet, did you do any exercise. god if i lost 3 stone in 3 months i'd be slim by xmas hmmmm nice thought
:D Ahem Kim, not "methinks", it should be "I AM" hehehehe, nag nag ;)
How you getting on Clair? The hunger does get easier I promise, I'm hardly hungry at all now :rolleyes:

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