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114 lbs to lose!

good luck, i have a similar amount to lose xx
i was for a while but i'm now doing cambridge diet sole source :) you may well have spoken to me but i have a brain like a sieve ;) x
and since the start of jan i've gone from 21.5 stone to weighing in this morning at 19.5. my official weigh in is on friday though! im hoping to drop the weight a bit quicker on cambridge x
aha! i just realised who you are via fb link, and WEIRDLY, i sent you a message on your old account today to ask how you were getting on xx


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Lol!!! It's you!!! We're both a bad as each other!!! I'll add you again...had a spring clean of "friends" and it was easier to start everything again... :(
its ok you don't have to if you're trying to keep your friends list trim, i'm not the type to take offence :)

hope ww works out for you. i just couldn't stop cheating on it!! but then i am weak willed. so cd ss is a whole lot more regimented. 5 days in and im feeling gooood! i am the lowest weight now i've been since 2008! which isn't saying much as i was 20st + all last year, but you know...small victories and that! x


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No no, I do want to add you again! Stupid me just forgot your last name. It isn't a matter of keeping it trim, but keeping a large number out of idiots out :)
pm'd! and i know what you mean. hope you're well x
also i know what you mean about the healthy weight thing- i am 5ft 11 and was told my ideal weight is 10st-something. if i was 10st-something i would probably be just bone and hanging skin!! x


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I remember being 14 stone and a size 14...at the time I thought I was huge but looking back I looked great! To get back there again is good enough for me!
i've got my target weight as 11.5stone just cause i want to see how i would look at that size!! at 13st i am sliiiim (well a 12-14), so 11.5 might be a bit much. i just want to know how it feels to be a size 10-12, i've never experienced that. x
Good luck, Livi.

I have a similar amount to lose (118lbs or so) but I started out with 182lbs to lose so I'm about one third of the way there.

I'm aiming to get into the 17s (18st 6lbs right now) by the end of April...and then I will officially been the smallest I've been in all the years (13) that I've been with my OH :)


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Aww that's lovely! Well done on your phenomenal weight loss so far...you'll be able to answer me the question...is it really addictive?
Aww that's lovely! Well done on your phenomenal weight loss so far...you'll be able to answer me the question...is it really addictive?
Ummm...I hadn't really thought about it but yes, I guess it is addictive. The further I get away from my starting weight, the more determined I become to NEVER go back there.


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That's exactly what I want to hear!! Thank you! I probably know the answer to this but has your mood and fitness level improved? I'm not talking exercise particularly either, just do you find it easier to do day to day stuff? I've started this because I had a sudden realisation that the simplest things were starting to be hardwork! :(

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