12.5hr shift ruining my diet

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    Ok so my diet goes to hell every day I work (just need so much food) I think my diets--will list below-anyone have any advice I work from 7.45(have breakfast before) to 20.15. The canteen has really poor food choice and the only stuff I'd eat is beans, chips and like chicken gouging which aren't always there :( I tend not to really eat after my lunch as we only get 1break and if I are then I'd still need to eat at home cause it's more mental at thus stage. Any advice greatly appreciated. My jobs really physical(nurse) and I can be anywhere ward, ambulance run or the dreaded emergency department :(

    Anyway I'll write up my average daily diet :D I'm just not motivated enough to rely refrain myself but I'm using weeklies and not losing much weight :( well none!



    2 slice toast--5pp

    Brekkie break in work

    Tea--0pp----milk I get from weeklies


    2 slice brown bread--5pp
    Slice of tikka chick--2pp
    Low fat coleslaw--2pp
    Salady sandwich stuff--0pp

    Break--might not even get this

    fruit--depends on if I'm even in the mood to eat :(

    Finished work

    Home-made dinner

    Then I have a shower sit down and rac for the first time all day, have tea and lately seems to be anything else I can find :( I get 29pp. I know I use a lit on bread but find it fills me and is handy. When I get home at 8.30 need to get ready for the next day and I'm exhausted I don't wanna really cook. Dunno if there's much i can do :(

    Thanks for reading (maybe helping) anyways :) xx
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    I feel your pain... I'm also a nurse and work 12 hr shifts.
    I start at 7.15 am and have 2 breaks so for my brekkie I tend to have toast an cheese or scrambled eggs and a yogurt and then my lunch is at 3pm so generally have a ready meal or baked potato or something like that.
    When I get home I dont really feel Luke eating so sometimes don't or will have a small box of microchips etc.
    I try and plan my meals for work so I'm not having to come in and cook.
  4. Fatty_no_more

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    I work 10-12 hour shifts.

    I make sure I take weetabix and some milk or always have some alpen lights handy.
    Then snack on fruit throughout the day.
    Snacks- sunbites 3pp quavers 2pp
    Lunch - big hearty sarnie egg or tuna Mayo with roasted peppers mushrooms and red onions. It's a huge sandwich and really filling on brown bread. I use hovis seeded sensation.
    Again later I have ww yoghurt or fruit and then have something to snack on way home so when I get home I am not ravenous.
    So then I can have a ww meal or just bung on waffles and fish fingers or something it's quick but it's not choc!
    I have a diary up in food diaries if that helps called timidly starting a diary. Xx
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    My shift starts at 7am. I have a banana in the house before I leave and I save my breakfast for breakfast break at 9ish. I take lots of different things for lunch. Jacket potato, pasta, ready meal, sarnies, salad. I will usually have quavers, fruit with my lunch aswell. I then take a cup a soup for my afternoon break but don't always eat it. I finish at 19.30 and am not always hungry. If I am then I just rustle something up at home - hth x
  6. Gracienoods

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    See I'm great in work. I could live on air in work but once I'm home I get the munch. Think my bellys prob just used to it :( damn. Today I had a sambo but was shop bought and 17pp :( love pasta but it's hard work! And has to be made the night before :( I don't eat egg or tuna. Love peppers are roasted ones really nice in a sambo? Never even imagined it :(
  7. Fatty_no_more

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    Sambo love it.

    Yea I fry light peppers and onions and either have with egg Mayo tuna Mayo or hummus. X
  8. Gracienoods

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    Interesting must try this. I love love love roast any veg yum I like raw peppers in salads with bread, love brown bread I'm addicted! Think I might make up a very low pp pasta salad this week not in work till thurs (maybe wed whoop) so if I've stuff made up and frozen I'll be sorted :) thank you guys for your help. I totally miss the added points on days wework like on discovery :( I loved em haha
  9. Fatty_no_more

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    Added points for working?
    Intruiging! X
  10. Gracienoods

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    Yeah you used to get like 3 mote points (I think) if ya had an active lifestyle. I only added on days I worked cause am lazy otherwise but I walk, stand, run, jump, pull, drag and collapse for 12.5hrs when I work (sone points may be an exaggeration haha) but it helped me stay within my limit ha
  11. kagome75

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    you could wear a pedometer in work and see how active you are. The WW pedometer is not the best one in the world, but it does tell you if you get any extra points by just walking around! Since you are on your feet 12.5 hour shift a day you might find yourself with 3 or 4 pp extra a day!

    If you get a different pedometer than the ww one, normally the ww one would ask me personally to do at lest 8130 steps a day to be healthy without counting points and after that, it counts 1 pp for every 2710 steps. That means that it makes me walk 3pp (2710x3=8130) to be healthy and then it starts adding up the propoints. I remember that when I was weighting more it was giving me less steps to do before being healthy, so I don't really know how it would be for everyone, you should at least borrow a ww pedometer off someone once to establish these details and then you can maybe use a normal one!
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