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12 Vs 14...

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For those of you who remember my bridesmaid dress dilemma a few weeks ago...well...I made my decision last night.

I returned the size 14!

Yes...the 12 fits. It fits! With a little work on the old belly region, it will look fab. I am chuffed that I took the plunge and returned the 14. Extra motivation to stay on track, because I don't have the 14 as a safety net any more.

So, that's a little :woohoo: for me!

Oh. I also tried on a jump suit last night in Miss Selfridge. I always get a bit over-excited when the new season stuff comes into the shops.
I am not totally loving the 80s revival, it has to be said. I don't mind a nod to the 80s, but there's too much stone wash denim, gawdy-patterned lycra and shoulder pads (yes, actual shoulder pads in dresses and jackets and tops) for my liking.
I do quite like the jump suits and playsuits though. I wish I could get one to fit me/suit me but they just don't. I looked ridiculous...like some hideous Nolans reject...the sister they wanted to forget! LOL! It's a fashion that was just not meant for me.

Anyway. I digress. Bridesmaid dress. Woo!
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I will succeed!!!
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WELL DONE!!! Swit swoo lady!!!

I bet you're over the moon - and you should be! A dress size is always a good feeling.

Well done xxx

Yay, you go girl!!

I'm not liking the 80's thing either, did it first time round (born in '71 :sigh:). I fancy leggings and a long top but OH says not :cry:

Anyway, this is about YOU. Well done hun. You're doing fab, don't forget the pics when the time comes!!


Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Im with Jaylou..I was born in 75, so did it the first time round...I hate shoulder pads with a passion and usually cut them out!
I have broad shoulders anyway, why would I want them to look bigger?! As for stone wash jeans, dont get me started on them!!! Lol.

Well done on the size 12 dress thats an achievement in itself and if you ever feel the need to be naughty, you will always have to think that you would have to get the next size up..more embarrasing going up than down eh???


I can do this............
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Well done hellie!

I remember reading your post about it a little while ago and how much you were worring about it! I think it is fantastic that you got the 12 in the end! Just goes to show how well you have done! Im sure you will look beautiful in it and you will wear it with pride because you know how hard you worked to be in it!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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Fantastic Hellie! I knew you'd do it! As for the jumpsuit! (G*d you made me laugh re the Nolans!) Just think how awkard they are if you are bursting for the loo! :eek: I made a culotte dress in my teens and had to practically get undressed when I had "to go" Doesn't bare thinking about in a public loo! :eek:
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Well done Hellie! If i remember rightly was this the dress from Coast? If so it was lovely and you will look fab in it!

On the jumpsuit thing, funny you should mention that, my surname is Nolan and i tried one on and did look like a proper throwback. Im only 27 and it added years on me :p


its a long road
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Well done on the dress :)

hahaha im not tooo keen on the 80s comeback either i work at next....and im expected to be in new season trends..............hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ? lol


Silver Member
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YEY! Good for you!
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Thats bloody amazing, im so pleased for you.. what an achievement, see.. have faith in your self and you will succeed. Youl look stunning. x


Still rockin' it
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That's Kool and the gang! (in honour of 80s revival)
Please remember to post the piccies of the wedding so we can all see you looking stunning (sod the bride!)
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LOL! You're all lovely!

I will definitely put pics up after the wedding.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
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the 80's clothes were naff!!1 why on earth do we wanna revive them well donre on the dresss honey i can't wait to get into a twleve i will cry with hapiness lol


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That's amazing! I tried to rep but it wouldn't let me! You are such an inspiration!


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