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12 weeks until holiday? You must be joking!

The issue:
I've been trying to shift some weight for about a year now and it's gone up and down and up down and up and up and up! *oops :sigh: I always used to be one of those annoying people where it didn't matter what I ate as my job was quite active but since starting my current job, where I'm sat down ALL DAY, I've been piling on the pounds and I ended up 3 stone heavier than normal. :mad:

The start of the solution:
As with a lot of people, my weight loss started again properly in the form of a new year’s resolution. As I’d loads of success with South Beach last year (I got back down to just a stone away from my target weight) I decided to try this again. However, I wasn’t enjoying all salads and sugar free jelly that I'd been eating last year and didn't stick to it as well as I had in the summer months. It was time to try something different.:confused:

:D Restarting the solution aka slimming world:
I've been doing slimming world from home for a couple of weeks now, but not sticking to it entirely - especially at weekends! I'm hoping that a public diary of what I actually shovel in to my face might help me stick to it and that this site will help with inspiration and support!!


Weekend :mad:
I ate lots of bad, naughty, awful things. Pizza, chicken baguettes, doughnuts and quite a bit of wine. In fact, I stopped counting my syns all together and said the dreaded words “Diet starts on Monday”

Monday – Original Day

Breakfast - Cereal & milk (HEA) :D

Snack – Half a chicken sandwich ( 1 slice brown bread ½ HEB, chicken free, mayo 2syns) :D

Lunch – Mince beef burritos (Mince free, spices free, wrap 7syns) :D

Snack – Orange (Free) :D

Dinner – Eggs and bacon (Free) :D

Late night snack (this is where it all went wrong) – a whole bag of Bernard Matthews Mini Chicken Kievs :mad: :confused: :sigh:

(I don't even know how many syns that was!!!)

AND no exercise :cry:

I’m hoping (fingers crossed that I can do much better today) :p :p
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12 weeks and 3 days until holiday.....

Here’s what I ate yesterday....

Original Day
Tuesday 24/03/2010


Milky way stars 9 SYNS (But they're so small!!!) :mad:

Eggs n bacon
Lean Bacon FREE
Muller light FREE

Chicken Wraps
Chicken FREE
Salad FREE
Light Mayo 6 SYNS
Deli Wheat and White Wraps x 2 14 SYNS


I think the problem was eating before checking syn values... bad move. I assumed wheat and white wraps would either count as my healthy extra B or be low syns. Not the case... Oh well, now I know for future.

I didn’t do amazing yesterday, but better than I would have ate if not on a diet (I’m making excuses now aren’t I?!)

I’m trying really hard to have a syn free day today, and not going to let the past few days get me down!! ;)
You need to check how many you can have but Asda wholemeal pitta bread is now a hexb, you could swap this for a wrap.

Or - you could make a liver pate & keep in the fridge for snacking with carrots :rolleyes: or 6 finn crisps, ryvita, 3 krisprolls all hexb.

Or - keep some fish sticks in the fridge for snacks.

You can have treats, I find it easier if I write down all my syns, for example the other saturday I had 70 syns in one night:eek: But I made a point of making a note & I still lost that week.

Good luck with the weight loss:p
ooo I could definitely have pittas instead of wraps. We don't have an Asda near here though. I'll stick some ryvitas and stuff on my tesco order (just doing it now!)

Thanks for your tips :D hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon!
12 weeks and 2 days until holiday! :rolleyes:

Here's how I did yesterday:

Original Day - Wednesday 24/03/2010


Banana Free

Chicken Sandwiches
Bread roll 7 syns
Bread roll 7 syns
Chicken - free
Salad - free

Muller Yoghurt

Spag Bol
Mince - free
Veg - free
Sauce - free
Spaghetti - HEB

Muller Yoghurt (frozen! - got the idea from a thread on here and it is really nice!! seems to fill you up more as it takes longer to eat as well!


I think I did a lot better yesterday even though I had planned for no syns and ended up with 14 (better than 20 odd like the days before) The bread ruined it for me :mad: staying away from sandwiches from now on, I love them, but they're evil!!


Fighting the bulge
Thanks for writing your diary, i like the commentry :)

The only thing i'd note is that you have said that you are trying to have no syns!?

This is not good for you! Have between 5-15, the plan will work better :)

Good luck & keep posting :)
Hi Pesty :) thanks for your comments.

I was aiming for no syns as I'd had over 20 on each of the previous days (eek) so was trying to balance it out. Going to ignore the previous days syn totals now though and start focussing on each day one at a time. Learn from my mistakes and not dwell on them!! :p

Using todays syns for a few vodkas with sugar free lemon and lime tonight. Doing well so far!


Fighting the bulge
Oh i see!! I thought you meant that you were trying to have no syns everyday!! Sorry :) still try to stick with lowering to 5 syns or your body will cling to what you have already had thinking you have gone into 'starvation'

You are doing really well! Like i said the commentary is really good - its nice to hear what someone is thinking/feeling after each day to reflect on what they've done.

Keep up the good work - i'll be watching for updates :)

12 weeks and 1 day until holiday! :cool:
(and not fit for a bikini as yet!!)

Yesterday's food:

Green Day - Thursday 25/03/2010


Carrot Sticks

All FREE so far.

Spag Bol
Mince HEB
Wholegrain Spaghetti

Half a chicken on brown bread sandwich - 9 syns

Creamy bacon pasta
Bacon - HEB
Cream - 5 syns
Onion and garlic


Not so bad....


I had 4 - 5 vodkas :cry:

I was planning on saving ALL my sins so I could have a few drinks with the girls, but I had a 1/2 a chicken sandwich hoping that I could make that in to my healthy ex B (1 slice of brown bread, very small amount of chicken) but then I had bacon in my pasta so had to use my HEB for that.

I also wanted to make the creamy pasta using quark / low fat fromage frais, but my local supermarket didn't have it :eek:

Luckily my food shopping is being delivered from tesco tonight and I've ordered lots of free foods and ingredients to make free food meals off the slimming world website and some recipes I have off here. Going to be trying that out over the weekend!

A poor workman blames his tools. Well, I'm blaming my supermarket!


Fighting the bulge
I noticed that you have only done red and green, have you tried EE? It might be something to think about as from looking at your menus you do have salad and fruit and veges and your syns are coming from having meat on a green day or carbs on a red? for instance yesterdays menu...

Banana FREE on EE

Carrot Sticks FREE on EE

Spag Bol
Mince FREE on EE (as long as its extra lean)
Wholegrain Spaghetti FREE on EE
Sauce FREE on EE (depending on how its made)
Salad (1/3 of your plate) FREE on EE

Half a chicken FREE on EE
on brown bread sandwich HEX B (as long as wholemeal 400g loaf)
Put salad in to make 1/3 free!!

Creamy bacon pasta
Bacon FREE on EE
Pasta FREE on EE
Cream - 5 syns
Onion and garlic FREE on EE
Have salad or veges with as 1/3 free


Sorry if you think im being a nosey parker :) just thought id point this out! That way you would have had 5 syns and your 4/5 vodkas would be ok :)

You can tell me to bugger off if you want! lol xx
Thanks so much for your reply and advice. Sorry I haven't responded, haven't been online over the weekend.

This extra easy thing sounds much better and seems that I wasn't being as bad as I thought! I bought some old books off a friend and they don't have any of the exrta easy info in there which is why I hadn't tried it. Am I right in thinking, eat any free green or free red food, with 1 HEA and 1HEB? And same syns? I tried Saturday following these rules and found it a lot simpler! :) off to write up my weekend food diary now actually!


Fighting the bulge

That's okay i rarely have access over the weekend 2.

The extra easy only came in about a year ago and only this year have the books been amended properly!

You have the basics right...

1. Any free food from the Red or Green days are free!! :D

2. Where possible you should aim to have 1/3 of every meal as SUPER free foods (the ones free on both red and green - all fruit and veg) I think these are on the yellow pages in the old books.

3. You have one A choice and 1 B choice healthy extras everyday

4. Enjoy between 5-15 syns

Try to have your snacks as super free foods to boost your weight loss.

Glad i could help!! Let me know if you have any questions :)

11 weeks and 5 days until holiday.... Tick, tock, tick, tock. :eek:

Haven’t been online for the last 3 days so here’s how I got on over the weekend:

Friday. 26th March
Original Day

Breakfast : Cereal (HEB) Milk (HEA)
Snack : Carrot Sticks (FREE)
Lunch : Spag Bol – Spaghetti (HEB) Mince (FREE) Sauce (FREE) Salad (FREE)
Snack : X
Dinner : Cheat Meal Pizza Chips Doughnut (**LOTS OF SYNS**)
(Awful day at work, I know I shouldn’t turn to food but I did!)


Rubbish start to the weekend but think I make up for it over the next few days, sometimes you really need a good comfort eat and a good film!! AND it could’ve been worse, I could’ve ordered £30 worth of dominoes for £15 (stupid offer they have on at the moment which is generous but MEAN) But instead I got a Pizza from co op and oven chips. I know at the same time I could’ve been better and made SW chips and SW pizza but hey ho what can ya do.

Saturday 27th March
Trying an extra easy day for the first time...

Breakfast : Cereal (HEB) Milk (HEA)
Snack : X
Lunch : Bachelors Pasta n Sauce (FREE)
Snack : X
Dinner : Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with veg (All free except 2 syns for philli stuffing)
Evening Treat : 5 vodkas with sugar free lemon-lime

TOTAL – 14.5 SYNS :)

Again saving syns for Vodka – It’s the weekend J !!! Hope I was doing the extra easy day correctly as I’d not tried it before!

Sunday 28th March
Original Day

Breakfast : Fry Up (FREE)
Snack : X
Lunch : Chicken Wrap – Chicken (FREE) Wrap 7 Syns
Snack : X
Dinner : Spag Bol – Spaghetti (HEB) Mince (FREE) Sauce (FREE) Salad (FREE)


Getting better at this and feeling really pleased with myself for 2 good days in a row (especially at the weekend coz I have been known to get takeaways or baguettes every day!!!)

I start exercising this week so hoping the weight will start to drop off. And weighing myself tomorrow morning too so let’s see!!! ;)
That doesn't seem very complicated at all. Think I might have to add some of those days in. I suppose I can see how I go in the day and change as I go? Choose whichever plan lands on less syns!! :p Thank you so much for all your help!!! I promise I'm getting better ;) hehe.

Are there any rules about how long you can do extra easy for do you know? Someone at work has said they think it is mainly for beginners?

Thanks again for all your help - your a star! xx


Fighting the bulge
Its for anyone :)

I did slimming world for a year doing red and green and have just started again this year doing EE for a change.

I know people at group that have done it for a year and are still having good losses. Its not just for beginners, i think people that were there before EE dont want to change as they feel comfortable with the plans they know inside out. You can do EE all week every week or mix it up as much as you like - same as red and green.

Your menu for your EE day is good :) maybe just try to have a salad or veges with the batchelors - you could mix some in to get your 1/3rd free.
Oh that's good then. A bit more variation is always good! And good thinking with the pasta, would probably have been nice with some actual broccoli in it! Or a side salad. I keep forgetting to add veg as my boyfriend is doing it too and he doesn't have salad at all and only like certain veg. Think I might have to force feed him it!

You should start a diary :) I like seeing what I've eaten and the progress (if any!) - it's easy to forget you had a naughty snack and then have another but your more aware if you know ou're gonn have to write it down. And some one might have some advice for you like you have for me!! Our holiday dates are quite close too! xx


Fighting the bulge
Glad i could help :)

My OH is the same, he doesnt need to lose any weight and can eat as much rubbish as he wants - and so does lol.

Sunday is my hardest day as we spend all day together at his and so its a real test to be good lol

Ive got a diary that i write for myself in note book that i carry everywhere but have been a bit slack writing in it recently, at least if i put it on here then i know people can advise me when im doing something wrong and can give me a kick up the backside if im being blantently naughty lol. Its called Pesty's Slimmer for Summer Diary, if you fancy having a look ever

I'm lucky enough to have a fella who does the cooking all the time (only cause he'd rather that than the borinf housework ;) ) but that also means I eat what he cooks. So I have to keep telling him off when he gives me the same as him! Luckily he is trying to lose a few pounds too so it's getting better!

I can't find your diary on here? :confused: xx


Fighting the bulge

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