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1200 plan + fitness=No weight loss

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by jack29, 27 February 2007 Social URL.

  1. jack29

    jack29 Well-Known Member

    :( :( Well I was doing so well and then I started 1200 calorie plan. I also stepped up my fitness...cross-trainer, weights, fitball, stretches etc daily (well not Sunday's) and my weight just wont budge. I find I am between 12 stone and 12 stone 4lbs, it seems to change up and down daily, and I need to get to 11 stone 7lbs:cry:
    I have kept up my water intake and take PH capsules to help with that department!
    Does anyone have any suggestions or advice please? This is really getting to me:sigh:
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  3. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Well-Known Member

    maybe it because you have bulit up muscle. did you know that mucsle weighs more than fat. maybe lay off the excersise for a qweek and see what happens. but thats what i do when i find that happening. do you feel like you have lost weight?
  4. SteveM

    SteveM Well-Known Member

    Tell me about it! I have been at that stage for a while now. The only way that I can start losing weight is to back off the exercise, but sad muppet that I am I actually enjoy exercising now.

    I am stuck between 11.4 and 11.8, fluctuating up and down. Its almost like my body does not want to know about losing weight anymore.

    I wanted to get to about 10.7 to 10.10, but I seem not to be able to get there, no matter how much I cut back on the calories. I am currently around the level you talk of - 1000 to 1200 calories a day, and exercising regularly.

    I seem to remember someone posting in here about exercising causing greater water retention because of the body's recovery needs after exercise, but I can't remember if it was in this context or something else.

    I think we will just have to grit our teeth and let nature take its course - because I don't think I could go back to SS again. I tried that and failed dismally :)

  5. jack29

    jack29 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your replies!

    SteveM....I am so glad I am not the only one, it is very frustrating though. Like you I have really started to enjoy the excerise so am very reluctant to stop, before I started the CD the most I would do would be to walk to my car:eek:

    My clothes feel bigger on me and I feel more toned so I just suppose I will have to live with the scales not moving:sigh:
  6. SteveM

    SteveM Well-Known Member

    You and me both. I have my fingers crossed that with the onset of summer and a huge increase in salad intake, my body will naturally lose a few more pounds, and when it had adjusted to where it is it might be ready to lose more.

    Unfortunately for me, as of 30th April I will not have a job to occupy my time, so exercise may be an even bigger part of my life - I will be in the gym, out on the bike, etc etc

    That's all goodness I suppose .... :)


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