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12g-15g salad?!?1

Hi Guys,

Been shopping today for some tasty low carb food and having chicken salad for my dinner in work tomorrow. However, i'm a bit confused at this 12-15g made up of veg. I've bought a prepacked salad of rocket and spinach from Asda of which I'm having half and the whole bag is only 0.1g carbs?? I've added a few cherry tomatos which are obv higher but i still seem to be way below this 12g mark for veggies/salad.

Am i missing something obvious?

Thanks :p xx
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I've never got to 15g in leafy green alone, but as long as I'm having lots I don't worry. I then use my carbs for other things.Jim always says as long has you have 3 cupfuls throughout the day that's good :D
It's easier than it looks if you eat a variety of veg. You'd have to eat loads of lettuce to get 15g, but one smallish courgette, cooked down, is 4-5g carbs. Lots of people use thinly sliced courgette as a pasta substitute. One leek, chopped and cooked with some cheese and cream would be 5g ish. It all depends on your choices.


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The first two weeks i didnt want to count anything so stuck with the mugs. Now using myfitnesspal to track daily carbs and typically have as much lettuce as i want but need to be a bit more careful with things like fennel etc - i can eat a lot of veg:D
I wouldn't suggest having all 12-15g in one meal, i once saw someone saying that it's best to stay under 9g carbs an hour to stay in ketosis.
but i tend to have cucumber as well in my saad which adds to it, and i quite like mushrooms and asparagus which helps (for an evening meal not in the salad :p)
yes, I never bothered weighing veg, I just stuck to 3 mugs of chopped green leaf veggies a day
cool, thanks for the replies!

While i'm on could someone please advise how many grams is in a splenda packet? I only have the jars of sweetener and just bought some ground flaxseed and going to try a MiM tonight :-D
I was just reading on The Atkins Community site about veg and they all seem to be pro-weighing rather than just working it out by mugs. Seemingly, there can be a huge difference. I.e 3 mugs of lettuce would not be anywhere near the required 12-15g.

What way do most people on here do? Will limiting veggie carbs help or hinder weight loss?

Love the idea of not weighing anything as makes it less like a diet, but at the same time, don't want to unintentionally mess it up!




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Ah I never weigh anything either, I'm too lazy and it seems too "diety" to do it.

If you find you sts one week, eat a bit less, or if you find that the bathroom trip is a bit "painful" eat a bit more! lol!
Posting on this thread as my work computer wont seem to let me post new threads for some reason :-S

Regarding subway salad boxes - I was going to get the BMT one tomorrow with southwest sauce. Now i've found the carb value of the sauce is 2g based on a six inch sub which is fine - but i cannot find anything for the ham, salami and pepperoni. I've looked in the shops and most packets say 'trace' so do you think i'll be OK with this if i'm under my 20g carbs for the day (which i seem to be quite a lot).
Also can you eat ghurkins and jalepenos on induction.

Sorry i'm still learning!

Thanks :) xx
The ham and salami should be fine FB, Gherkins as well providing they are not sweet pickled, ditto jalepeno but they are higher carb


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Another question on the veg, I like the idea of using mugs and dont want to be weighing and measuring, but I was wondering how many carbs would I count that as? I am planning to mainly have 2 mugs of salad veg & 1 mug of the other veg allowed, but am not sure how many carbs that would then leave me for other things like cream & cheese etc.

I was thinking of maybe counting the veg as 12-15 as the book suggests does this sound ok?
yep I counted them as 15 like the book says ;)

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