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13 lb off by 12 Feb?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by ShredFanSW, 15 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. ShredFanSW

    ShredFanSW Silver Member

    I'm a Wednesday weigher whose birthday is on Valentines Day and I have been challenged to get my 6 stone shiny by then - I already had my 5.5 but took a massive backslide in the run up to Christmas. Who's with me?
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  3. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    Good Luck :)

    It would work out at just over 3lb a week. It might be difficult but its definitely do-able, maybe sneak some success express in there to boost your losses.

    Im aiming for a no-gain month and to get my 6 stone award by feb, Ive got another 3 weighs to lose 4 lbs (sounds easy but I will be spending next week in hospital with my son so wont be leaving his bedside much.x.x.
  4. ShredFanSW

    ShredFanSW Silver Member

    Aw abisaurus, hope your son is ok x I was in and out of hospital a bit as a kid
  5. Antoin71

    Antoin71 Full Member

  6. Antoin71

    Antoin71 Full Member

    That's my aim, too! I want to be at goal for Valentines day!
  7. ShredFanSW

    ShredFanSW Silver Member

    Lol didn't even update my own thread after last week's WI, currently at 3.5/13
  8. ShredFanSW

    ShredFanSW Silver Member

    3 on, back to 0.5/13

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