13 stone 13 pounds ~ Starting day 1 AGAIN today

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by SuperNova, 5 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    Hi.. I'm having another go at Exante. Not sure how many times I can keep saying that so hopefully I'll succeed this time. I lost about 3 stone before but quit at Christmas
    And never quite found my way back. I am now 13 stone 13 pound and it's my first day. I was wondering if it's anyone else's first day? Or if anyone else is in the 13's wanting to be in the 12's?:)
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  3. TessToo

    TessToo Is on a mission

    Hello there. :)

    Welcome back. Once you get through the first week it's so much easier as you know, so keep thinking of how proud you will be when you get to goal and all the lovely Christmas party clothes you will look stunning in. I can't wait to throw out my size 18 clothes and be wearing 16s. Even though my ultimate goal is 10/12.xx

    I am desperate to get into the 12 stones. It's my overweight but don't look too bad bracket so I am guzzling lots of water and staying focused. I am actually doing Exante working solution ... however I am throwing in the odd total solution day to make the losses as rapid as possible.
    I don't think I am in ketosis yet as I have little energy (day 3)... but I am not overly hungry.

    Good luck for today sweet; you can do this!!

  4. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    Thanks.. I'm feeling ok and just waiting for Ketosis to kick in. It made me feel brilliant last time. I am definatly looking forward to buying lots of clothes in smaller sizes. When I lost my weight before christmas last year I threw all my bigger sizes away. So not only am I in big sizes I also have nothing to wear and no one wants to buy big sizes when they are on or planning a diet!!!! You have a good day too
  5. TessToo

    TessToo Is on a mission

    I think ketosis may have kicked in for me today... I am starting to feel upbeat and I have energy... which is great as my little one had a bad night and I must have managed about 4 hours sleep max.
    I know what you mean. I keep looking in my wardrobe thinking... I so need some new summer clothes but can't buy anything yet as it will be a waste of money. I will only be able to wear them a couple of times before they are too big. :D So I am having to make do with a couple of pairs of trousers and skirts and a few size 18 tops until I hit the 16s... hopefully in the next two weeks.

    I hope you get the keto-fairy today. :D Have a good day. xx
  6. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    Yeah definatly dont spend any money yet. Now Ketosis has kicked in you will start burning fat FAST. Keep up the good work and have a good day. I think Ketosis will be a little bit longer for me but I am hoping to be there soon x
  7. Mamakash

    Mamakash ONE HOT MAMA

    Hi supernova I started again today .... At 13 stone 9 (argh) I too want to get into the 12' s . Done it before but put weight back on with illness ops and laziness. But I think I can do this so let's do it !
  8. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    Hi Mamakash.. I had a sneaky weigh and I'm 13 8 .. I can't wait to get into the 12 s too. I'm on day 5 and feeling a bit poo to be honest.. Maybe I just need to wake up!! Anyway just wanted to say You can do it.. Just go for it.. Have a good diet day!!
  9. Mamakash

    Mamakash ONE HOT MAMA

    Well done supernova I was 13st 7 pounds this morning ( I think a bit of water retention from flight on Monday )

    Had a. Bar coffee and water today so I think I can make it ! Let's go for it ;)
  10. wildfire

    wildfire New Member

    Hi Supernova! How much did you lose in your first week? We have a similar start weight - I too am desperate to get into the 12s. Hoping to do so in 2 weeks! When you lost weight before, was that on Exante too? Good luck with your weight loss journey!
  11. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    Hi.. I actually don't know how much I lost cos I blooming well gave up again.. I don't know what happens? I was doing do well!! Honestly the reason I gave myself for breaking my diet was so insignificant I can't even remember what it was.. So annoyed with myself!!! After reading your post I have decided to start again tomorrow.. Yes it was Exante I lost weight with before.. Good luck on your diet .. If you can get in a good mindset it's a brilliant diet.. You can do it.. Being in the 12s will feel great.. I lost 9 lbs in my first week x
  12. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    I have been flicking through minimins for some inspiration. It's Monday tomorrow and I always love to start a diet on a Monday. I have come across my last post from 3 weeks ago saying I was going to start yet again. I never did start again so have decided that tomorrow I will give it another go. I have just weighed myself and I am 14 stone 2 lbs. That's a pound a week gain BLIMEY.Fingers crossed for tomorrow and the next few days x
    Last edited: 10 August 2014
  13. JodyP

    JodyP Full Member

    Hi supernova also starting tomorrow - again! Done it 2 year ago and put most back on due to several reasons but really never felt more determined.
    good luck for your first day and sure you'll be brilliant - the feeling of letting yourself down is the worst but we'll do it!!
  14. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    Thx Jody.. Start, restart, restart again.. It's so annoying when I know this diet works so well.. Good luck on your first day too.. You can do it!!!
  15. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Hi SuperNova,

    This is my restart for the 3 week running! Got through today and wish to continue this time!

    I lost weight for my wedding in april but have managed to put on nearly 2 stone since then from total over indulgment.

    It needs to stop! I will take control!! good luck all.. x

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