15 stone + to lose before my 30th birthday!!

Discussion in 'WeMITTS (We Mean It This Time)' started by trimNslim, 30 November 2012 Social URL.

  1. trimNslim

    trimNslim Silver Member

    Hey everyone,

    I'm new on here but i wanted to write a post showing where i started!

    I am offically the heaviest i have ever been and i cant lie...i hate it!! i feel awful all the time! i've always thought that i was lucky that my weight didnt affect me too much, but wow has it caught up with me now!

    I'm 27 and i am giving myself until my 30th birthday to lose nearly half my body weight and hopefully gain a life!

    15 stone is a hell of a lot to lose, but if i dont do something now, before i know it i will have 20stone to lose, so i gotta get cracking NOW!

    Ive read loads of your threads and i am so inspired, you are doing so well!!!!!

    Good luck everyone
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  3. MissHattie

    MissHattie Member

    Good luck and welcome. I wish I'd got my weight sorted by 30... Or 40. Coming up to 50 with 9 stone to lose and as you say it does affect your health - well done for recognising it in yourself.

    Keep posting x

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  4. trimNslim

    trimNslim Silver Member

    Thank you!

    Well done to you too!! We will get to our goals!!

  5. PurpleRoses

    PurpleRoses Gold Member

    welcome to the boards tns. i'm also aiming to lose 11/12st by my 30th, or at least the majority of it.

    Keep on posting here, there are so many friendly people here it'll make it all easier :)

    Good luck
  6. toxicsgrl

    toxicsgrl Gold Member

    I have a similar amount to lose. And I'm 30 in feb but I've given myself 2 Years to do it. I'm 5 months in and 3 stone down. Another 12/13 to go lol!! Good luck. Really if I can do it then anyone can! X

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  7. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    Welcome, this part of the forum is a great place for those of us with large amounts to lose. My advice is to set yourself mini goals for example each stone bracket, or like my next one is to get below 200lbs. And then focus on the next one, breaking it into smaller chunks I find really helpful. So welldone on starting your journey and good luck.
  8. trimNslim

    trimNslim Silver Member

    aw thanks guys! it is so great to find people going through the same thing and who are doing so well and proving it can be done!!

    well done and thanks everyone :)
  9. toxicsgrl

    toxicsgrl Gold Member

    I have a thread on the slim fast forum, feel free to browse through it. I started off at 60 miles an hour with all the intentions but slowed it down to a realistic pace and am having regular losses at last. I always read people saying if they can do it then anyone can. I just though yeah whatever. But from where I was, basically addicted to junk food and as heavy as my age, I have come so far and changed my life. I could never go back. My next birthday will be the first one since I was 22 that I won't weigh the same as my age. If I hadnt started the diet i'd be 30 and 30 stone and that was finally the push I needed to do something about my weight. So REALLY HONESTLY, if I can do this then anyone can, including you!
    It's scary and daunting and a long way to go but like another poster said, do it in small goals. The time will fly by and in 6 months time you'll be so glad you started. I know I am.
    Its not noticeable on me yet, 3 stone is a drop in the ocean to what I need to lose but I can tell myself that my body is shrinking and I've dropped from size 32 to 28.
    Don't give up, message me for support if you want. We can do this!!! :) xxx

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  10. trimNslim

    trimNslim Silver Member

    Wow hun, you have done/are doing so well!! 3st is amazing!! I couldnt agree more with everything you said and i see a lot of similarities in our stories...its my fear that if i dont change now ill be 30 and 30st if not more!!

    thanks so much for the kind words, i dont seem to be able to message you (i dont think i have posted enough on here yet to be able to do that) but you are right WE CAN DO THIS!! :)

    Good luck and keep in touch...i wanna hear about your amazing losses :)

  11. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Hello and welcome aboard :)

    You've come to the right place hun, we all understand and all want the same result! You are being very sensible and not trying to race to the finishing line in a matter of weeks! I've been 'trying' to lose excess weight on and off for almost 25 years...finally it is working.

    Once your head is in the right place, then motivation and determination follows. It's not easy honey and there are blips along the way, but that's when this forum helps, as so many will encourage you and support you and you will never feel alone.

    I've made lots of friends on here and wouldn't or couldn't have done half as well without them :)

    hang on in there .you WILL DO THIS! :)...I for one, believe in you :) and look forward to chatting with you!
  12. debsxdiet

    debsxdiet Silver Member

    Hiya just thought i would send a wee message. Its always good to have support from people in the same position as yourself :) if u need a chat you know where i am i will be around for a while too :) xx
  13. trimNslim

    trimNslim Silver Member

    thanks ladies! everyone is so nice on here! it is so refreshing to speak to like minded people and not be judged straight away for my weight.

    Thanks for all the kind words :)

    i have made my own healthy veg soup today! i made enough so that it will last me a few days, so i have my lunches taken care of for most of the week :)

    Anyone got any good ideas for low cal snacks? im craving something sweet.

  14. toxicsgrl

    toxicsgrl Gold Member

    Meringue nests with nat yog and some fruit is good. Also aldi do chocolate and yoghurt covered rice cakes but you'll have to check the cals. They are nice though xx

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  15. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Hello trim - and good luck with your journey! I managed to go from over 15 stone to 8 stone 13 in the last year or so. I know our goals and starting points are different but it's all relative, that's for sure.

    OK... Here are my ideas for sweet treats. You're calorie counting right?

    Total 0% fat free yogurt with a small banana sliced in plus 3 chopped apricots. Very sweet and comes in at 135 calories

    Fat free jelly.. a pot of this is 10 calories

    Eat Natural cereal bars. the yogurt coated one is delicious. 228 calories so not low calories per se, but low enough to fit in to your allowance I'm sure.

    Have the above with an Options hot chocolate... 28 calories a mug. Helps take the edge off.

    If you've read my diary or my ramblings elsewhere, you'll know that i'm not a fan of snacking anyway, so I'd recommend you only eat the above if you're desperate or tack them on to the end of a meal. FAR better is to just eat three times a day... At your starting point I'd recommend you start with a minimum of 1800 calories, maybe a little more actually. Just so you have room to start decreasing them as your weight drops. Not grazing all day is the way to go re weight loss... I can bore on more about this if you'd like. Just say the word :D
  16. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Hiya and welcome! Good luck with your weight loss. You've got a bit more to lose than I did - my aim is a 10 stone loss over 2 years, of which 7.5 stone has gone so far. Just to offer an alternative opinion to Greta's, I find snacking to be an absolute must for me - it's that old little and often thing that works for me, but everyone's different! Try a handful (about 15) of almonds as a 100 calorie snack that's also good for you, or a fruit snack pot (I'm sitting here with a pot of Morrison's melon, grape and pineapple, 79 calories and yummy - add a low fat yogurt to it for an extra treat!). I also eat Alpen Lights like they're going out of fashion - not very healthy, but low calorie. Or those Nakd bars, but they're a little pricey.

    All the best. xx
  17. trimNslim

    trimNslim Silver Member

    Mmm all those ideas sound Amazing!!!! Ill defo be trying those out! I am going to try and stick to 3 main meals but I know if i don't have some healthy snacks in the house when I get the urge to have something, ill have something I shouldn't.

    Wow Tracey you have done really well!!! That's a fantastic loss! Loving the snack ideas too :) thanks!

    Thanks Greta!!! You are so full of great advice! I really appreciate your help & encouragement :)

    And toxic...I'm having those meringues tonight (yum) :)
  18. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Thanks! It does feel good and I can highly recommend it, lol. I look forward to following your progress on here - stay strong, especially over Christmas! What I did last year, and will again, is allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted for two or three days, but get straight back on course aferwards. I knew if I let myself go for more than a few days it would be hard to stop, not to mention the actual weight gain!

    All the best. xx
  19. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Tracey is doing great isn't she? Proof it can be done.

    We are all rooting for you trim!
  20. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Great advice given there by the others!..I snacked on fruit, low fat jelly, and pure juice ice lollies in the early days..not really the weather for those just now though I suppose! :)

    You will do this hun, a little determination goes a long way :) good luck, have a good day x
  21. trimNslim

    trimNslim Silver Member

    Some more lovely ideas! Thanks ladies :)
    I've tried a few and I have done of the 10cal jellies in the fridge, but luckily do far I've not been craving sweet things as much!

    Good idea about Xmas @ Tracy...I defo need to start planning/preparing myself for that.

    I was invited round to my friends for a curry tonight. I knew if I said I didn't want it coz I was watching my weight they would have gone on and on at me till i had some, so I told a white lie and said I was busy until later, so I would go round after they had had the take away! And it worked. I had some healthy salmon and roasted veg instead of a greasy curry & very nice it was too :)

    Hope you're all ok & had a good day today :)

    Sadly I'm still not up to 50posts so I can't reply to your messages & friend requests...but I'm getting there lol :)

    Thanks again for your support! You know where I am if u need the favour returning :) x

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