15stone or 210lbs or 95kg lighter my story

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  1. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    Hi and well im sure a few of you already know me and now ive finally been at my target for a few weeks i thought i would make a thread showing some new and old pics and to tell you a little bit about my journey so far.

    So i started on 1st January 2012 and on that day i weighed 30stone which was at the time really upsetting so i decided this was it and i wasnt having it anymore and decided to make a change. After the first week i made my mind up to join a slimming club and as both of my sisters had started at Slimming World i decided that i was going to join as it sounded like it would suit me.

    My younger brother also decided he was going to join and we both started on 10th Jan. On that date i weighed in on there scales at 28st 8.5lbs so in the first 10 days i had already dropped 1st 5.5lbs. I must admit it was pretty scary going to Slimming World for the first time and it did help that my brother decided to join to but once you have been that first time it is fine.

    I do think it is harder for a Man to join than Women as i would say every group must be 90%+ women but i would advise any Man (or Woman) to join and dont be scared of it as once you have been the first time everything will be fine.

    I found the vesatility of what i could do with food a revalation as i was still eating large meals but the meals were alot more healthy. I also love the fact that i havent found any meal that you cant tweak to be slimming world friendly.

    I also started with doing exercise as well as a change of diet. With this i started slow and built up over time each week adding more and more. I started out and a mini bike and walking, only doing 5 mins at a time on the bike and about 20 mins walking. I increased this week on week until i was doing 60 mins + on the bike and walking for 2hours at a time.

    By Feb i decided i wanted to start adding weight training in the mix to as i had loads of weights and a bench that i had had for a couple of years but never used much. I did research on the internet and brought some books to help me make my own plan up.

    Anyway as the months went on the weight dropped off every single week and i didnt have a maintain or a gain until i got to target.

    I must say i can not put my finger on what it is but something has just clicked in head that the time was now to get this done before something bad happens to my health.

    I have loads more to my story but i will put some pics up and add more at another time.


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  3. StinginBelle

    StinginBelle Full Member

    You've done brilliantly... well done! Looking great :)
  4. Go2Goal

    Go2Goal Full Member

    Wow, you lost just about half of yourself!!
  5. 12-Bore

    12-Bore Full Member

    Hey Craig, just seen this. You have done an incredible job loosing weight and in only a year too! When I first started dieting I did think about joining a slimming group but was to embarressed to join
  6. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    Yeah it is pretty hard taking that first step and it was easier for me because i went with my brother. But i cant recommend it enough though and once you have been to the first meeting you will be fine.
  7. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Wow you've done amazingly well.

    well done xxxx
  8. nick.

    nick. Member

    brilliant job dude such a transformation
  9. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    Thanks :)
  10. pecktastic

    pecktastic New Member

    Wow! What an amazing achievement. Thanks for sharing. Lots of people will be getting inspiration from reading this!
  11. You've done brilliantly well done.
  12. Fatty Bom Bom

    Fatty Bom Bom Full Member

    That is an awesome transformation and incredibly motivating. I'm planning on using slimming world to maintain my weight loss when I come off the Exante diet I'm doing.

    Congratulations you must feel like a new person.
  13. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    Cheers and yes i feel like a completely different person, obviously im still the same but more confident, more outgoing, enjoy life more, get out and about more etc etc etc.

    I use both slimming world and calorie counting for my maintainence and its working so far. I dont eat any rubbish anymore just good foods.
  14. sarg1970

    sarg1970 Helen


    I have seen you putting on comments on different threads and thought i would look you out for some inspiration! (hope you don't mind)

    The difference in you appearance in just one year is amazing, you have done so well.

    How did you stay so focused? I really struggle to manage more that a couple of days at 100% on plan at a time!
  15. drisso

    drisso Member

    Congratulations well done
  16. LauraLooLa

    LauraLooLa Gold Member

    I kept thinking I'd read the title of the thread wrong at first. You must feel amazing!
  17. JackC

    JackC Member

    nice well done bud!
  18. bigfatjelly

    bigfatjelly Full Member

    Wow well done!! You look fantastic!! X
  19. icklerockchick

    icklerockchick slow but steady!

    Amazing transformation well done on turning your eating habits around! X
  20. Ingerh

    Ingerh New Member

    Amazing achievement. Inspiration to us all. Well done
  21. haylesnholls

    haylesnholls Member

    Wow!! Well done :)

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