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17 Inches!

Hi - I was just wondering if any of you have kept a record of your measurements with your weight loss. I have done, but not weekly. I have just measured myself and Ive lost 17 inches all over since the end of July! Also finding it strange that on some parts of my body Ive lost loads of inches and others its very small i.e only lost 2 inches from my bust but 7 inches from my hips! LOL SXXX
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I found it strange, I've lost 5 from my bust, 3 from my waist and only 2 from my hips!!!!!!!

Hope they all catch up eventually! but well done on your inch loss!
Hi there,
lol yes its odd isnt it that it never comes off where you want it to. I've got an ENORMOUS bottom!! and the weight always comes from there LAST. The first place it goes from me is my midrif, neck and upper arms, thighs and I get a very scrawny looking neck which doesnt seem to match my body! lol
All of this has the effect of making me look very peculiar and even more big Bottom'd than I am. Oh the joys of weight loss lol. I eventually walk round banging into things with my bottom and knocking things off shelves with it in supermarkets - I can create havoc lol. Hopefully it will sort itself out in the end !!
I have been on the diet two weeks and so far I have lost 2" from bust, 2.5" waist 2.5" hips, .75" upper arms, 2.5" thighs.... so that is 10.5" all told. I'm really pleased with that! I only added one thigh on to that lol, so it should be 13" really, WOW
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yeh I did too but only my waist and hips, I've lost 6 inches off my waist since beginning of august but only 2 off my hips... :( size 10 jeans are now comfortable round my waist but so tight round my hips! so still having to wear size 12 with a belt until my hips catch up... Well done on losing 17 inches, that's massive!!!


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When I've lost weight before, its come off my fingers and my wedding ring slips round. It took forever for it to shift off anywhere else. With this, its coming off my waist and hips, but I have the same butchers sausage fingers I had 3 weeks ago - strange


nearly there!! :)
i measure myself every week after wi...and on my last measurements i had lost 20.5inches in 2 weeks!!
mine are coming off not evenly but in all diff areas so thats good i suppose!!

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