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17yr! 149lb and completely new to the site!

Hiya, Im 17, from ireland.

here's a bit about me..
in my final year at secondary school (thank god!) the exams are making it torture but otherwise its grand.

i am what you may call a traitor:eek:, i'm a member of another weight loss forum and i only found this one today so i said i'd join cos there appears to be a lot going on in it!:D

basically, i've felt chubby and overweight ever since i can remember.
when i look back at pictures though, there were times when i was both skinny and chubby, but i never saw myself as thin or slim. i always felt fat when i was little (my brother may be partially to blame for that ha)

But now i know im no-longer overweight (not far off either). Still, im not comfortable being this size. i want to see my graduation pictures and smile, and go to college feeling confident.

im currently 149lb. Was 161lb but lost 20lb last year when i dieted, Put up weight since then though! I want to be 135lb sooooon!!

its going to be hard to do exercise when i barely have time for myself because of my upcoming final exams in june!:cry: so for now my weight loss will prob be all calorie reduction based!

my days will basically consist of getting up at 7a.m., going to school, getting home at 4.40p.m., starting study at 5.30/6.00p.m, finishing at around 10p.m., shower, tv, sleep etc untill about 12/1a.m. then i'll start all over again. even my saturdays and sundays[!] will revolve around study and grinds.

so from now untill mid-june (
) my life will kinda suck, ha! but when my exams finish on that date i will be free and skinny enough to enjoy my summer!!

thanks for taking the time to read that,:cool: i know i wrote a lot :jelous:...
wish me luck :)
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Yea, motivation is exactly what i need right now!
started my dieting on monday so waiting till this monday to check my weight :)
Really hope i did ok!
&thanks for replying, its nice having support :D
3.4 lbs lost in week one!
Its ok but would love to lose more quickly, but i know its the long run that counts..so in a few months ill be happy out (hopefully :) )


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Hello and welcome to the forum! They always say 'slow and steady wins the race' so take your time with it! 3lbs in a week is great for your weight, you're doing well :)
Thank you..:)
It great hearing encouragement
Oh my granda said that to me once when i was about 6! Mind you, my brother had just introduced him to a racing game on the playstation! Ha.. Seriously though, he spent about an hour going around the course, staying within the lines at about 5mph :p
But i suppose theres wisdom in those words, for a start he didn crash! And neither will i! Im stickin to this diet 100%!!! :D