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1st Consultation Tomorrow

Hi all, hope you are well.

I lost 4st on Weightwatchers before falling pregnant and putting 6 stone on. Lost most of it again, but then was widowed last year and have put it all plus more back on.

Weightwatchers just isn't working for me at the moment, been struggling with it for the last 4 months so have finally decided to try Cambridge. Have been sceptical about it in the past but am hoping that taking food out of the equation for a bit might help me overcome my emotional eating habits.

Gotta do this to be healthy for my 3yr old and if this doesn't work I'm bloomin' doomed.

I know the consultant will go through it with me tomorrow but can anyone tell me what to expect.

Thanks in advance
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Absolutely Determined!
I'm on day one of CD today so probably not the best to advise on what to expect. However, I agree that taking food out of the equation might be a good idea - that's exactly why I've gone for CD. I'm sorry to hear of the difficult times you've had, and admire you for tackling your weight issues. It's not going to be an easy road but it's one we are all travelling together and you will find lots of support and friendship here.
Good luck tomorrow xxx
Thank you so much. Am quite excited about it all a the moment.....hope that lasts lol!

So how are you finding day 1?

PS Must suss out how to jazz up my profile


Absolutely Determined!
Day 1 has been much less scary than I thought it would be! I'm a bit hungry but not starving - and I think that may be because I didnt eat/drink my lunchtime soup as it was disgusting. I'm just itching to go to bed now so I can officially say I got through the first day!!

As for jazzing up your signature.. just click on any of my sparkly things and it'll take you to the site where you can make your own. Then paste the BB code into your signature on the CP profile. Oh my god..that sounds more complicated than it really is, honest!! xx
Oh no, could you not have had a different one? I've no idea what flavours I'm gonna go for, don't want to get bored.

Ooh I think I'd have gone to bed by now....I'd be cupboard browsing other wise lol!

Thanks, once I've got some figures to put in I will have a play about with the tickers etc.


Absolutely Determined!
I tried a different one... but it was also a soup and that one went down the sink too lol!! I'm definitely going to bed soon; just as soon as I can convince my children that Easter Holidays doesn't have to mean late nights every night!!! :)
Oh dear, that's not good. Well good luck for day two, I'm quite looking forward to tomorrow, although I don't know whether to not eat till my consulation and actually start tomorrow or not. Might not be such a good idea as I'm going to the gym with my friend in the morning.

Night night, chat soon


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Hi and good luck with cambridge! Im coming to the end of week 2 and its going well. I would say start the day after your consultation, drink lots of water tomorrow and try to have less carbs, but I had 'a last supper' and pudding the night before starting and I dont think the first few days would have been different without it. Maybe get a few extra shakes just incase you don't like something, you can always swap unopened packs next time. good luck, the support on here is great!
Thanks everyone. Started today and feel a bit light headed but other than that I'm feeling really motivated!

Off to jazz up my profile, lol
Hi everyone

I have been starting tomorrow for the last six months on and off and in that time have probably managed to gain a good stone and a half. All this after having lost 3 stone 10lb on LL. Need to get back into this as I am now becoming desperate!!!:cry:


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Munchalot..
Just wanted to say good luck for your cd journey.. I am also sorry to hear of the difficult times you have been through..
You will feel a little light headed at first but once your in ketosis you feel so much better...

Good luck and shout when you need us!!!
Hey Good luck with your diet! Im just about to ring my counsellor to arrange starting! eeek am really nervous! But will be joining you soon, the support on here seems amazing, really think it will help me (and you!) get through the next couple of months!. :) jess x
Thanks again.

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